Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron Mode Full Reveal Trailer

EA has released the full gameplay trailer for Star Wars Battlefront’s new dog-fighting mode at Gamescom 2015.

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Rimeskeem1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

This is super cool but why couldnt they make it in space?

ThraxN4G1079d ago

Maybe they plan to do space content through a later expansion. Similar to Battlefield 4's season pass.

Septic1079d ago

Tbh this looks absolutely amazing in its own right. It looks manic in the skies! I do want space battles though but this looks impressive nonetheless.

Aery1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

I can't wait for this game !!!

I love space battle, but to be honest I'm very happy that it's set on a surface.

nX1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

The reason is probably that they just copied the game mode from BF4's Air Superiority :P
Seriously though there's another thing I've read today that baffles me. It said that the multiplayer is 20v20 but that it's only 10v10 players while the rest is filled with bots ala Titanfall? If so, that would be even more disappointing than all the previous disappointments DICE gave us :/

pumpactionpimp1078d ago

@n X

They've stated max game mode will be 12 v 12. They haven't stated what modes those will be, but still 24 players max. That isn't a disappointment, as the old battlefronts had limited player counts with bots. Trust me when I say back then, it took nothing away from the experience.

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Dynasty20211079d ago

Console hardware.

It's the reason, said out loud by DICE, that the game is only 20v20 and the maps are alarmingly small.

It's the biggest complaint by alpha players - map is too small, not enough people.

reallyNow1079d ago

you make 0 sense. MAG was 256 player on the PS3. DICE's own BF4 was 64 players just a couple years ago. If they wanted more players it would have more players. They're trying to control the flow of battle/scenes to make it more cinematic. In the Squadron mode, its 20pvp + 20 AI. The AI are there to set the scene and make you feel better than you are and make the fight feel more choreographed and movie-like. Example, if you're flying, expect an AI bot to be your wingman and say something dramatic when he gets shot down. They're clearly aiming to put players in the movies. They're aiming for multiplayer chaos + single player story/linearity/experience.

Dirtnapstor1079d ago

"Console hardware"...really? It's a black background with white dots, and more than likely would be centered around a Star Destroyer.
Yeah, real taxing on the hardware.

SharnOfTheDEAD1079d ago

They taken a few ques from Titanfall albeit with better AI by throwing in bots to make battles seems busier and intense. In the grand scheme of things it's going to be fun as hell. What part of that trailer didn't look fun!?

ThraxN4G1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

Maybe the 20-20 is because DICE aren't pushing Battlefront to be an eSports title but rather appeal to the casual Star Wars fans.

"The fact that there are AI-controlled enemies that need to be taken down means that players who aren’t ace pilots still can help out their team. Fighter Squadron is definitely for everyone, and you’ll feel right at home if you’re a fan of the Star Wars starfighter battles,” - Associate Designer Peter Forsman

Definitely for the casual?

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Perjoss1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

Space is empty, dog fighting close to a planets surface allows for more interesting backdrops. Plus you can see troops and land vehicles fighting below you.

miyamoto1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

This is the reason why you don't release your 1st party exclusives against your 3rd party partner's big blockbusters.

You just don't compete against yourself and cannibalize sales.

This is a 3rd party game and it's gonna sell megatons upon megatons of PS4s this holiday especially in the US of A.

1st party AAA games show the power of your hardware
3rd party AAA games show the selling power of your software

It's no secret
This is the tried and true PlayStation Way since the PS One.

Never underestimate the power of PlayStation.

3-4-51078d ago

* So you would rather have the empty boring space than these beautiful landscapes to fight in?

Really ?

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BigBosss1079d ago

Looks great, even though it's not in space, it's better then nothing.

reallyNow1079d ago

They're clearly saving space for a 20.00 expansion about 2 months after launch.

scark921079d ago

I will not support such DLC!

reallyNow1078d ago

Yes you will, if you buy this game you will buy the DLC. They know more about your spending habits than you do.

antz11041078d ago

This looks much more interesting than the infinite blackness of space.

WellyUK1079d ago

The casual is strong in this one.

Irishguy951079d ago

Its battlefront afterall

Jawboy31079d ago

Too bad it's not on space :(

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