Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Spectator Mode Walkthrough Released

Ubisoft has just released a new Rainbow Six Siege video that walks viewers through Spectator Mode.

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REDGUM1107d ago

looks good. might pick this up. One question though.... I hope you can't watch a live game and only a previous game, other wise you could set your spectator up as a spy of sorts to an in-game member.


One other thing, seemed to be a very short game mode. 3w mins and the whole thing was over??

Or am I missing something..... as usual!

TLG19911107d ago

Rainbow has always been about fairly short games, 3 mins is shorter than i remember but this was obviously planned for a reveal video. i do prefer shorter games online though. look at rocket league, 5 min rounds so your always saying "go on, one more"

As for the spying this will definitely be a factor if you have friends that would rather watch you play rather than just playing with you.

This games look more and more like they are trying to build it for competitions and take that stage back they once had. i will wait to see how it plays to see if it lives up to the old days