Mighty No. 9 Delayed Until At Least 2016 Due to Persistent Bugs

Bad news for Mighty No. 9 Fans. Comcept has just announced that the game has been delayed until at least Q1 2016.

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nick3091024d ago

Lol I love how they declined the rumors just to confirm the delay now/:

spacedelete1024d ago (Edited 1024d ago )

they basically lied to the backers it wasn't delayed that is the real story here. where are those fools who were defending them that this wasn't delayed ? i love how they literally lied to their backers.

Giru0171024d ago

Seems to be a habit at this point from Comcept/Inafune. Seems he learned a thing or two while working at Capcom, I feel like such a sucker after this and Red Ash...

bouzebbal1024d ago

Inafune is a moron. This is not acceptable!
Vita was waiting for this this year.

Fro_xoxo1024d ago

These kickstarter games take forever to release..

F^ck, I was looking forward to playing it on my Vita this fall.. What a joke.

RiseofScorpio1024d ago

Too many platforms IMO. Takes its toll on resources.

OhMyGandhi1023d ago

and that was back when you thought buying a vita was a good idea!

die_fiend1024d ago

Time for Inafune to start another Kickstarter then!

spacedelete1024d ago

his very sneaky Inafune. instead of asking more money for Mighty Number 9 they start a kickstarter for Red Ash which they were going to use for Mighty Number 9. its so sleazy. expect more kickstarters from this scam artist.

Ocsta1024d ago

Ffs. This was one of my must plays to tide me over till Fallout 4 and Xcom 2 release.

KuroKazuma1024d ago

pls dont support inafune games

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The story is too old to be commented.