September Cover Revealed – Destiny: The Taken King


"Few games in recent years have generated the same degree of debate as Bungie’s Destiny. Whether it’s fervent enthusiasm or harsh criticism depends on your perspective. Some of the harshest critics work at Bungie, striving with each passing update and expansion to hone the existing content while adding meaningful new adventures into the mix. Upon visiting Bungie, we expected to find a game that continued the process in incremental steps. Instead, we found a robust reimagining of everything that has come before, along with the largest influx of new missions, maps, strikes, gear, and storytelling yet seen. We spent two days playing The Taken King and speaking with its creators, and this month’s cover story has the scoop."

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lemoncake1081d ago

Expansion that cost almost the same as a full game followed by another expensive season pass, they are really milking this game.

thekhurg1081d ago

Sorry that you didn't understand the pay model that Destiny was going to employ prior to release. But there's no reason to go into each Destiny article and complain about how Bungie/Activision are releasing content.

xHeavYx1081d ago

They never explained any pay model, and nobody thought that they would charge so much. As I said it before. Someone who supported Destiny day 1 has already spent $120 (game + expansion) now they want an extra $40 for a second expansion? Not only that, but new people can get EVERYTHING for just $60, which is a huge middle finger to day one supporters, and the reason why I sold my copy.

1081d ago
thekhurg1081d ago


They were crystal clear that this was going to be an expansion/DLC driven game. It's built on the foundation of a MMO but since there is no subscription model they're charging for content updates that are typically provided to users for "free" with their $14.99 monthly subscription.

3-4-51081d ago

I'll get this when it's like $20, as I do like the game but I'll be paying as little as possible from here on out.

Swiggins1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

I have a weird relationship with Destiny.

I LOVE the game, I bought the collectors edition, I've played all the expansions, I've had a great time with friends while doing it. I still think it's the best FPS on consoles right now.

And full disclosure I AM getting The Taken King, It's already been paid for for the most part. However, the pricing model for the DLC is not something I can endorse or promote. Charging $20 for both The Dark Below and The House of Wolves is just ridiculous. Both expansions had about $10 worth of content, and while the Taken King actually looks like an expansion to the game rather than DLC, $40 is still quite a bit of money for an expansion pack (Remember when Reaper of Souls did it?)

The Legendary Edition that comes with everything for $60 is not actually something I have a problem with. While yes, new players will get access to all of the content for a fraction of what old players paid for it, you've gotta remember that this is a year old game, and I myself have gotten plenty of playtime in that year. I think Bungie could do a little more to show appreciation for the "Old Guard", but as it stands, letting more people in to play Destiny is really nothing but good for the community.

corroios1081d ago

For me the worst is that all the gear and weapons you got are done is next expansion. I will be forced to dump them. This is just stupid. I want to evolve them and not to be forced to play with other stuff.

All the hard work and for what. I like the way my guardians are. I know that this isnt a rpg, but it another huge mistake from Bungie.

I dont think the have enough weapon and gear in the next expansion to do this...

SolidGear31081d ago

This is why I mention in all Destiny articles that I chose to wait because I knew this would happen and I'm waiting until next year to get Taken King: Legendary Edition for under $40 instead of the hundreds that lots of people spent.