PSN Video Service gets small update

Sony has updated the PC Playstation Store with 1 new movie, that being "21".

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NeoBasch3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

The updates never come at once. They're sporadic. No need to gripe. They can come at any time within the week. Plus, Xam'd: Lost Memories Episode 3 was added today. So, it's more than just one item. Still wish more content would get added soon...

EDIT: Oh, this is the PC Store. Well then, I wouldn't know. :D

PPGN3639d ago

The Store doesn't get updated at random times in a week for the PC Playstation Store. Sony has always updated the PC PS Store on Thursdays for the Game Service, then for the Video service today was the first new update to it since it first launched.

NeoBasch3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Thanks for the heads up. :D

Tony240ZT3639d ago

No need to mention every single movie being released.

PPGN3639d ago

I never did, today is the first time for the PC PS Store that its been updated with only 1 movie. Which means is the Sony video Service update of the week. ;). There are always PC PS Store updates each week. The schedule for it is as follows:

1) The Game service gets updated on Thursday afternoons
2) The Video Service got its first update today so hopefully each Tuesday they will update the Video service

jacktheripper3638d ago

Old, 21 was added last Thursday, downloaded as soon as it hit the PS store. Plus who the hell cares about a article about 1 movie coming out. Granted it is a very good movie, its a waste.