Bungie Releases Destiny: The Taken King ‘We Are Guardians’ Trailer

Bungie has released a two and a half long trailer for the upcoming expansion, showing off a great deal of gameplay footage

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thekhurg1111d ago

Yeah - looks like Taken King will have an epic feeling too if all those space battle sequences are cutscenes from the actual expansion.

leemo191111d ago

By far the best trailer Bungie has released. Now to wait and see what is shown in the trailer transfers over to the actual gameplay. I hope that's what Nolan North sounds like, because I'm all for him being the ghost if that's the case.

Adexus1111d ago

That's just a trailer narrator, not Nolan North, very curious to see what he sounds like too.

JWiLL5521110d ago

I believe the voice in that trailer is the guy who plays "Osiris", which is pretty cool.

They seem far more focused on narrative now. Having North rerecord the entire campaign + additional lore stuff is the best thing to happen to the game. Apparently 'grimoire' will be handled through your Ghost now, which may mean they'll have NolanBot read all of it out. That would be badass.

maybelovehate1111d ago

Lol at the 0:55 mark.. With the Guardian rushing Crota!

Guardian down.

Ethereal1111d ago

I am not going to lie this amped me up a bit. I am hoping they pull me back in with this update. It's going to take alot considering all the releases coming soon. Good time to be a gamer!

Christopher1111d ago

I must be insane. I felt the whole thing was extremely cheesy. Like some lame speech given at the climax in some fantasy/sci-fi movie before people go into the final battle.

Septic1110d ago

Yeah very cringe worthy I thought

kneon1110d ago

It's Bungie, cheesy is what they do.

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