Microsoft's Xbox One Announcement Is A Small Step Towards Its Original Promise

Forbes: When Microsoft first announced the Xbox One back in 2013, the tech giant was pretty clear that this was meant to be a new kind of console. It was meant to play games, sure, but more importantly, it was meant to serve as the center of the any home entertainment system. That’s what the “One” means: this is the one device you need to tie your whole system together. “Input one,” read the cryptic banners at E3. Things didn’t exactly work out that way: the voice commands never worked as well as people wanted them to, the gesture commands were essentially nonfunctional, and Sony’s ascendant PS4 quickly stole the next-gen gaming spotlight. But at Gamescom, Microsoft finally announced that the Xbox One would be getting a DVR for live TV: a little reminder of the machine’s ambitions.

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FallenAngel19841023d ago

Microsoft's original promise included forced Kinect bundling that required it to be connected 24/7, always online DRM, and parity clauses.

Its safe to say their original promise is beyond dead. Nobody wants to see it be fulfilled.

INTOmyMOUTH1023d ago

Not sure who gives you the right to speak for others. I was all for original plan and whatever they come up with as well as continue to do I think is a positive and not something to bash.

TheGreatGamer1023d ago

Always online consoles are inevitable, MS was just ahead of time

donthate1022d ago

Thank you for supporting the original plan from both INTOmyMOUTH and TheGreatGamer.

I would have been for instant sharing of my game collection with 10 people, and ability to gift, trade or sell my digital games on top of being able to get digital games at retail prices.

Instead without this, the default is now shared with 1 other console, no trading, selling, or gifting. Oh, and way higher prices on digital games while the general consumer continues to support GameStop parasitic business model hurting the gaming industry.

The ignorant will be the ignorant, and one reaps what one sows!

Muzikguy1022d ago


I'm not sticking up for Gamestop but I think it's awkward you don't like their model and call them a parasite when "instant sharing of my game collection with 10 people, and ability to gift, trade or sell my digital games on top of being able to get digital games at retail prices" sounds like it would hurt the industry too. Sharing with 10 people would be like selling one tenth of total copies for a publisher and selling digital copies would hurt them as well. Not to mention, IF digital prices dropped in line with retail prices, those digital copies you're selling wouldn't be worth squat anyway (my assumption no real value there). Also if you want to be able to "trade" that's not helping the industry either. Just my 2 cents

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DarXyde1023d ago

It had some support. Personally, I'm glad they didn't go through with their original plan. I found it particularly anti consumer.

FallenAngel19841023d ago


Did you not see the amount of backlash Microsoft received for its original X1 practices? The performed many backtracking on those practices later on for a reason. Only the brainwashed consumers would say everything about their original vision was great.

@ TheGreat

Nothing about their original promise was ahead of the time. Digital gaming is a growing trend, but it'll never outright replace physical media. Even PC gaming which has become predominately a digital platform because its an open platform still has physical games. A closed gaming dedicated platform only being digital will only spell disaster, just look at PSP Go.

lemoncake1022d ago

"Digital gaming is a growing trend, but it'll never outright replace physical media"

Am sure blockbuster had similar thoughts, once. Never say never.

_-EDMIX-_1022d ago


@Lemon- Not really, they are gone because they didn't conform to the times. They could have beat Netflix simply by having more studios back them and also have it where they can have the DVD trade ins in store shipped by for you.

Netflix beat Blockbuster before Netflix even had a digital only option....

The DVD by home is what beat Blockbuster.

Yet....DVD's still exist, yet Bluray still exist.

Aenea1022d ago

Here in the Netherlands digital games for both X1 and PS4 are around the €70 mark which is the MSRP of the physical games as well, BUT online stores stunt around with the prices of physical games so if you shop around you will be able to find them for €50 to €55, sometimes even €45 (and these are recently released or pre-order games).

If digital games become the same lower price or even lower I will be tempted to go the digital route, but I still like the physical discs and the boxes neatly in a row somewhere (when I'm not playing them). Preferably I kinda would like both: buy the physical game with a disc and manual and some other things like maps or something but also get a code for the digital one so you can play the game without swapping discs. Sadly, the latter part can and will be misused by some, but if they can find a good way to tackle that I will be for it!

INTOmyMOUTH1022d ago

Yeah I "saw" all that but again, who says it is you that speaks for me? Noone. So don't bother responding.

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FYIIR1023d ago

You sound like a sour boy who has a ps4...

_-EDMIX-_1022d ago

sad, yet those that helped reverse those polices where XB fans.

Gamers all over don't want that, regardless of PS, XB, Nintendo etc.

Players want choice, they don't want 1 distribution method, that just makes no sense.

If Nintendo did it...I would support those against it....

If Sony did it...i would support those against it.

At the end of the day, we are all gamers, none of us want that, not XB gamers, not PS gamers, not Nintendo gamers hell not even PC gamers are publishers STILL release games on disk for PC because its very much still being supported.

FallenAngel19841022d ago

@ lemon

Are you really comparing brick and mortar renting store to closed gaming platform?

@ FY

Are you really in denial of Microsoft's initial anti-consumerist plans for X1? I can't imagine why anybody would actually support the original promise.

javauns1022d ago

your very funny, everything micro tried to do is now being done in different ways by other companies. a online only game is guess what? always online. only difference is that the price stayed the same because they try to cover cost of people buying used copies in the initial purchase. micros way would have made the games cheaper because if u wanted the game u could only get it on what, which is like most pc games today, just with less pirating. The only selfish thing really was the parity clause, because it forced real small dev who couldn't afford to release simultaneously to chose a side which hurt them more than it helped.

FYIIR1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

I was actually for it... because I usually game alone and my friends have their own consoles and games... I'm also a mp gamer... I've been with Xbox for a while now and I trust them... Look at them now... Every game requires an online connection to play successfully... gamestop is still making tons of money off of resales... Who on Xbox is raving about indies??? Everything they said will come into play soon enough... I'm ready for change... I stopped buying discs anyway because the trade in option is too tempting... What did Sony promise? I don't think they promised anything.. all they did was drop their initial price and the camera option just to please people.. now 20mil+ people have ps4's and no sweet exclusives this holiday season.. I mean.. it's been a couple years now and the PS has no games.. especially after the LOS remaster and the couple of weak exclusives they had at launch.. they had no plans for improvement until Uncharted comes out... whenever that is!!!

PhoenixUp1022d ago

@ Jauv

Wrong wrong so wrong

Used games are very prevelant, we can game offline as often as we want, we aren't forced to keep a webcam connected to our consoles at all time, the parity clause is dead, we have backwards compatibility, basic features of the console are no longer locked behind a paywall, and all new controllers have standard headphone jacks.

The Xbox One is a console that changed dramatically for the better. Hardly any of Microsoft's original promise is pretty much dead at this point, and gamers couldn't be happier. I seriously can't see how anyone would look at all those pros and wish that things had been different.

showtimefolks1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

if someone wanted the original Xbox one vision of

connect to the net once every 24 hours or you CAN NOT play your games regardless whether they wee single player or online

no used games

parity clause

kinect needed or console useless

Yeh most gamers don't want the original vision. and you could tell me how ms was ahead of time and all that but fact of the matter is that scew up cost ms the north American market. they pretty much handed it to Sony on a platinum platter

I believe I do speak for majority because majority did not support Xbox one. just look at the sales and that's all my argument with actual factual data

jack tertton making all those announcements and than Andrew house saying $399 changed gaming forever. it gave Sony a much needed boost and gave them their swag back

look at this year's e3 ms did all the talking before hand and did deliver on many things. Sony stayed quite and absolutely demolished the whole e3

it's about making an impact

and let's get one thing straight, neither ms or Sony or targeting us. we already bought the consoles. they want the casuals because that's majorly of the market. we as gamers don't make up for a lot of the gaming community

that's why it's important to having ps4 at the end of some of the biggest games advertisements. what do you think a mom or dad or kid think when he or she sees ps4 logo after star wars trailer or call of duty trailer

that's where I believe we as core gamers think we matter more than we actually do. we are the vocal minority

25.3 million
13 million

Sony expects to sell 11 million ps4's in next 9 months to cross 36.3 million by March 2016. if you still don't think the original vision of Xbox one was costly than I just don't know what to say

thee is a reason since taking over Phil spencer has tried his level best to make sure this new vision of Xbox one is nothing like the original. now this machine is focused on games and gamers. he has done such a nice job since taking over this mess and has handled everything nicely so far

magiciandude1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

Looking back, it seems like MS had positive intentions and there were upsides. Playing my disk collection without the need to swap disks would've been something I would like to use. The only logical way for that to happen would be to have some sort of DRM scheme, and it actually wasn't anti used games, just controlled used games to protect themselves from piracy. The way MS carried through with their intentions destroyed what could've worked.

_-EDMIX-_1022d ago

", it seems like MS had positive intentions " they didn't

Yet 360 had 2 skus and XONE had 1 sku.


Why not make a DRM-less sku?

How not have the games have 2 different skus? A drm install and one without an install?

Its clear what they wanted. They wanted no choice, just control.

showtimefolks1022d ago

piracy seriously, used games equals to piracy?

used games that are traded to gamestop end up being new purchases. people only see used games sales but not realize many can not afford newer games if they were not able to sell or trade their old games

brother no matter what that policy was against gamers, it had nothing to do with moving gaming forward or futurestic gaming

ms were trying to control the market and have everything go through them. they lost so much in minds of gamers and you look at the sales of Xbox one now behind ps4 by more than 12 million consoles

to put this in prospective, Xbox 360 had a 6 to 7 million lead when ps3 launched and it took ps3 6 to 7 years to catch up and pass Xbox 360

ms had the usa market belong to them but now it's in much more favor of Sony once more like ps1 and ps2 days.

Ms had to go back on everything and kept saying different things. to many that's how they were turned off from Ms and Xbox brand

it will take ms a while to regain trust from gamers

magiciandude1022d ago

"piracy seriously, used games equals to piracy?"

No. The ability to install your disk collection and play them without having to swap disk for each game was what MS originally wanted for the Xbox One.

Piracy would be to sell your games and keep the games installed on the console at the same time, so you would play them even though you have sold your games. The whole used games DRM was designed to affiliate with retailers like GameStop to authenticate trading of licenses. There's more to it, but I don't feel like writing a paper about it.

There were upsides, and it could've worked if MS presented this better. That said, the system that MS has now is still better for most gamers.


"Yet 360 had 2 skus and XONE had 1 sku."

Your point is?

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joeorc1023d ago

"I still love the idea of a single machine that can handle all of my entertainment in one fell swoop, but when that machine finally arrives, it needs to work as a fully functional cable box."

Not really trying to go off topic, but he did say it needs to work as a fully functional cable box?


Though, what he said is pretty straight is kind of ironic than. With Playstation Vue both the PS3 and PS4 can already do just that and already serve as a fully functional Cable Box!

Right now

FamilyGuy1023d ago

I was just about to mention that.
On top of that, with PS Vue you can select networks a-la-cart rather than being forced into buying packages.

joeorc1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

Yup, no doubt Microsoft's trying to work out a deal to do the same thing, like for instance Apple just got a single channel for purchase for the month also

See HBO now

It was only a matter of time before many electronic companies started to turn something like game consoles with the added cable box functionality

Like the xbox360 could be used with at&t uverse. So its not like it was not going to happen sooner or later. Now with Smart Chips going into the TV's themselves, or now even a mobile phone getting now HDDTV tuners now being added it was only a matter of time for the Convergence's to happen.

Pretty soon you could even have the mobile phone could act as the TV's internal part's for the TV and your TV is just a thin piece of plastic like a picture frame.


Could roll it up in a packing tube

Its getting to a point now you could add TV functionality just like the FM Radio chip inside smartphones that your head phones port along with the head phones wire is your smartphone's antenna's

So even TV functionality can be included right into the smartphone right along side the FMRadio chip!

And with smartphone and tablets being able to run full program's... DVR functionality could be added!

SmokingMonkey1023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

and record/DVR.

"Can I record/DVR live TV programs?
You can tag any show as “My Shows”. All live episodes airing of that show will be saved in “My Shows.” Anything added to My Shows is saved for up to 28 days."

Also Playstations have always been trying to be that "one" box in your living room. It's why Sony put a DVd into the PS2, and Blu Ray into the PS3. This should not be considered a "new" thing.

The PSX was to be a DVR and a CATV way back when.


Either way, it's an awesome feature for the X1.

0to1001023d ago (Edited 1023d ago )

x1 does a better job at recording clips, double tap xbox button then press x records clips, not just that..

recording clips and sharing them instantly to the activity feed, which means all your friends can see your clips & you can see there's straight away.

ps4 lacks decent features, the features on xb1 enhance social gaming.

i hope sony announce some major changes to it's system software & features, stability updates are just getting really boring.

joeorc1023d ago

It is indeed a awesome functionality added to the Xbox one, more and more convergence is happening in electronics's at a break neck speed. Its mainly due to Arm Holdings low power designs that they sell for anyone companies to use.

I mean we now have game console's like the Xbox one, with the ability to not only be a DVR, a streaming box for pretty much any electronic media Music, Movies games and on top of that its even getting app player functionality that could range from communication, general Utility's etc that can run right from The box.

Even now TV's themselves are being turned into general compute devices themselves! With their own CPU/GPU's Ram, local Storage.

One giant general compute device, its really amazing that right now, Low costing general use compute clustering grid computing is right now a reality vs back in the 70's and 90's

FYIIR1023d ago

So are you saying that Sony stole Micro's idea? Because that is what it seems like

joeorc1023d ago

No, they did not steal it, you know that many times both Sony and Microsoft are on the very same standards board's.

Playstation Vue just came out before Microsoft added DVR functionality. It has no way shape or form to do with either company Quote"stealing"/each others concept's since most of the time they are both on the same standards board!

AstroCyborg1022d ago

when will the biased media let the xb1 reveal go

_-EDMIX-_1022d ago

Probably never. Its one of the craziest reveals of all gaming. Its the first time any company in one go tried to take over control of the market in terms of distribution.

I'm sorry but there is nothing positive about having less methods to buy, that just makes no damn sense. They knew what they where attempting and many business analyst caught on pretty fast.

There is again zero excuse or reason to seek 1 METHOD other then full control.

Why would less be better for gamers? I can think of MANY reasons it would be better for MS and many greedy publishers, take a look at Steam and see those Call OF Duty games....

I that not reason enough for you? Mind you, you can still buy COD on disk on PC...imagine if you couldn't?

If they would do that even with a disk version, they likely would NEVER lower the price EVER with ONLY a digital version.