New Final Fantasy XV Trailer is Gorgeous and Strange

BNR: I confess, I’ve not kept up with the upcoming Final Fantasy XV as well as I could’ve- the constant flood of other games has my attention bouncing about like a pinball in play, and yet it hasn’t completely kept me from my curiosity about the next big entry in the beloved series. A trailer came in for the next game; titled Dawn, it opens with what seem to be some sort of military police force in pursuit of a little girl, and then? There’s about a minute of King Regis holding a young, dozy Noctis in his arms (Noctis being the moody adolescent protagonist of Final Fantasy XV). I suspect the girl is Lunafreya (though I’m not totally certain- if you know better, please correct me). While the trailer is interesting, I’m not sure if it’ll be especially effective.

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LightofDarkness989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

That's effectively the worst trailer SE have released yet. And they got everyone so hyped up about it.

Just goes to show you that despite recent moves in the right direction, they still have some kinks to work out with regards hyping people up over trivial stuff. CG trailers that reveal next to nothing about the game and its story. Why was this made...

Irishguy95989d ago

It told us the king knows noct is gonna have a shit life and can do nothing about it. It also showed a significant plot point which is the 3 figurrs watching them at the end. Read the dialogue. There was actuslly alot in the trsiler

LightofDarkness989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

There's no way of knowing how significant that is from this trailer; it has no context. You don't know who they are, their purpose, what their involvement is to the plot or anything about them really. It's just a bunch of vague plop to remind us all that the game exists without showing anything truly new about it. It's basically a small snippet of a cutscene with hastily thrown together text to break it up (looks extremely rushed). I don't see how anyone could have been excited by that.

Heck, even the article mentions how it feels a tad overdone and pretentious.

DeletedAcc989d ago

we should believe in articles now?

Irishguy95989d ago

Put it together yourself, its obvious lod

NoctisPendragon989d ago

The 3 figures are probably the crusaders from FF VI : .

And Noctis' father is surly the most powerfull man in the world ( economically , politically and also as a knight ) this is why he is quite sad about bieng useless to his son .

LightofDarkness989d ago

If they're anything they're probably the 3 Archaeans. But then we knew about them.

Godmars290989d ago

They shouldn't need to be showing story details. And certainly not ones dripping with pretentious per-determination.

Eamon989d ago

They're most likely fal'cie.

Have you guys forgotten this is part of the FF13/Type-0 mythology? Fabula Nova Crystallis.

The overarching story in FF15 is going to be about fal'cie manipulating humans to open Etro's Gate or something.

Seeing Etro is featured heavily in FF15, and that Noctis can see "the souls of the dying ascending," it's almost certain Etro's Gate will have its place in this story.

Bimkoblerutso989d ago

It certainly was a little melodramatic and pretentious, but, I mean...that's what the franchise has been like since FFX. It wasn't all that surprising to me coming off the heavy melodrama of the three XIII games.

And I don't think anyone can argue that it LOOKED bad. Man oh man, this is going to be a good looking game.

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LightofDarkness989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

In-engine. No mention of what was running it. May as well be CG.

Eamon989d ago

Pretty sure it's close to the final product. The graphics were definitely made in-engine.

Let's hope the in-game graphics are no different.

Asuka989d ago

was confirmed all in-game as of the ATR currently being broadcasted on twitch:

Qrphe989d ago

in-game, look at the dithering on Luna's hair, resolution on wet floor walks on, etc. It's looks amazing in a nutshell.

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jambola989d ago

I would consider it bad if it was all we were getting

but it's not
this isn't what the hype was about
it was gamescom in general

AsheXII989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

The trailer made me wish we would control Regis instead of Noctis, his new design is the best in the entire game.

Greyfoxdbz989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

In final fantasy 10 i would rather have controlled Jecht, Auron or Braska. I am much more drawn tot he older characters. Wouldn't it be cool to get a ff 10 prequel.

Bimkoblerutso989d ago (Edited 989d ago )

Yeah, I've never understood why SE INSISTS on focusing on young, annoyingly immature characters in so many of their games. Like in FFXII, for instance, Basch was supposed to be the main character, but SE made the developers shoehorn Vaan in because they didn't think Basch would appeal to young people.

So instead of a story focusing on an exiled Captain trying to regain his honor, we got....a story about a whiny little wannabe thief that "craves adventure." Yeah, never heard THAT one before. Tell me which one of those sounds more interesting...

RustCohle989d ago

I loved the trailer, although the adorable scene with both little Noct and papa overstayed it's welcome. It's a somber start to their campaign which I assume will go all the way after the ATR in a couple hours.

A couple of things that got me hyped were the OST, the graphics and the incredible animation. Also the plot still feels like what was once teased all those years ago, the sense of dread his father feels knowing Noct is going to bear the burden of being chosen as the son of light.

OH, what if his father and his companions were the Warriors of Dawn, making Noct and his 3 companions the Warriors of Light?
Idk, throwing it out there. Regardless, can't wait to see more.

NoctisPendragon989d ago

The more you watch it , the more you like it !

Gorgerous is the word (from the music to the graphics ).

Jourdy288989d ago

Ah, the music- I noticed the theme from the first trailer- back when this game was "Versus XIII"- playing faintly on the piano! No matter how the game turns out, the soundtrack's gonna be killer.

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