Xbox nailed it at gamescom - Everything you missed

MWEB GameZone writes: "No matter on which side of the "Third-party vs. first-party" argument you are, you can't deny that Xbox nailed it at gamescom last night with "Its Greatest Games Lineup in History."

Here's everything from trailers, every game announcement, the new bundles, new Xbox One features and lots more."

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ZombieDreddZA1081d ago

While there are the usual games I am looking forward to from the conference, I will admit, I'm most excited by games like ARK, Cities, etc. coming to Xbox One.

holysmokesbatman1081d ago

Yup, cities will be awesome! Can't wait for Halo Wars 2 also!

BillmadeAGate1080d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on QUANTUM BREAK 😍. . An We Happy Few looks kinda cool too 👍

Sillicur1081d ago

ARK coming to the Xbox One is awesome!

xfiles20991081d ago

I do not think they nailed it More like they didn't screw it up. But all I got from the conference is we are pushing Windows 10 and most of our games will be on PC because we are distancing ourselves from the Xbox. Ark will be on PS4 as well

FlexLuger1081d ago

"But all I got from the conference is we are pushing Windows 10 and most of our games will be on PC because we are distancing ourselves from the Xbox."

Are you sure you were watching the same conference as the rest of us? I don't recall crackdown, scalebound,quantum, halo, 5, recore or forza 6 being announced for PC...oh wait..they didn't. And why wouldn't they talk about W10 on xbox? Its an update that brings a tonne of new features including the roll out of backwards compatability...but yeah...they announced its on PC too, right? lol

freshslicepizza1080d ago

you talk about less need to buy an xbox one because in your mind most xbox one games are coming to the pc (which isn'[t true to begin with) and then you proceed to tell everyone how ark is also on the ps4. which tells me you prefer playing games on consoles. guess what, the pc and consoles don't directly compete with one another. why else do you think sony is also bringing street fighter v to the pc and bother with timed exclusives with games like no mans sky that also come to the pc? it's because they know their direct competitor is the xbox, not the pc.

we should be celebrating more people are going to be playing these games, not acting like consoles are dead without exclusives.

spicelicka1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

Umm more like they didn't screw it up? are you kidding?

Sounds like you watched 2 minutes of the show and called it.

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xfiles20991081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

Give it time most of there games will come to PC They announced cross buy between Xbox and PC. The update is to make PC and Xbox work together better. Trust me they are distancing themselve from Xbox Writing is on the wall stop and read it

IrishSt0ner1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

How very inept of you, I've been hearing Xbox is doomed for what, 10 years now? MS distancing themselves you say, that's why they include a Xbox app natively in their operating system, that's exactly what you do... when you're distancing from a brand, you include it in an OS expected to reach 1 billion devices, yea makes complete sense.

The drive for Xbox gaming on PC has nothing to do with the fact PC gaming revenue surpassed all consoles combined in 2014, no, no, it's because "they are distancing themselve from Xbox"... do you really believe that, honestly?

xfiles20991080d ago

Actually i play more on PC I do enjoy console games but enjoy PC games more. The way I see it is the Xbox is losing exclusives to PC if that continues to happen what need is there to even own a Xbone. It is great gamers get to play these games. All I'm saying is Microsoft's main focus seems to be with Windows 10 not Xbox. If that is there true vision Xbox is in trouble. Because Sony is there main competition and they are getting beat to a pulp by Sony. So if you think about it a lot of these games will be to costly to just keep on Xbone so more than likely they will go to PC eventually to gather what sales they can. At the end of the day that is what it is all about is sales we may want to think there focus is gamers it is not it is how much green they can bank.

ThePope1080d ago

Your idea of beat to a pulp is very different then what it actually means to be beat to a pulp. The Xbox division is doing quite well; they have the best exclusives this year, best online service, BC, and by far the best controller. Oh and there's this little thing called an Almost 30% YoY increase in revenue. Now before you say it yes that's the devices division but everyone knows a new surface is right around the corner so the money most likely isn't coming from that, nor it it coming from windows phones or the x360.

All that aside man play games not companies. I 100% can guarantee playing Halo or QB will be much more fun than playing the "my consoles better than yours" game. I'm an Xbox gamer through and through. If I wasn't I'd have more bubbles. But if you think I'm going to miss UntimDawn, UC, or R&C you're nuts. I'm a gamer first, and a shill for my console of choice second.

But don't let me stop you if your rage against MS is more important to you, it's fine. You're the only one that misses out not me or any of the other multi console owners.

Lastly even the X1 sales are far surpassing the hopes of MS and combine that with the sales of the PS4 console gaming is going EXACTLY no where. It's alive and beating doubts to the contrary to a pulp. See what I did there?

SkippyPaccino1080d ago

I personally got that Infamous second son with guns vibe from QB... The enemy, that truck, that slow down time take downs etc... I'm not saying it won't be a great game, but people are overselling it. I wish we barely knew anything about it and then it could become a sleeper hit, now it will probably be forgotten in a month like watchdogs.

Veneno1080d ago

That's correct. Gamers should keep their expectations in check with this game. Like with Alan Wake.

tucky1081d ago

Strange... my friends and myself were very disappointed by the show: boring with no real surprise

mark_parch1081d ago

that's why you and your friends play on ps4

Brisco1081d ago

Use it every day. And its great.

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