9 Hilariously Ugly Video Game Babes We All Had Crushes On

Whatever you do, don't revisit Final Fantasy VII. Tifa hasn't aged well.

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Apoca1ypse1144d ago

First there is a clearly a bias against these women because of their sexual appearance but that isn't the only thing wrong.

A lot of these girls models and appearnce clearly have aged since there time so of course they'll look worse compartitevly to the graphical fidelity of now.

But it's not only their appearance that they attracted gamers too (Sex wasn't as "accessible" as it was then) it was also the connection you made with some of the characters too.

Sure Ivy wasn't my favourite character in any sense, but that in no way makes her ugly.

Personally I wouldn't have as much with the article if it wasn't for the preaching. I mean they had a problem with Tifa's sexual appearance but complained that it wasn't ever really a focus in the game, just eye candy. I mean what's the problem with a character looking good but maintaining strong presences in the story regardless of Appearance.

Basically the list is saying these women are ugly because they are sexual, it's just horribly written.

NukaCola1144d ago

Whatculture is a garbage site. I don't know why people still post it or why N4G approves this malware ad infested website

Aery1144d ago

I never heard of this website and I read a couple of articles.
Well, this website looks very clickbait and not worth our time.

hay1144d ago

I find it weird to compare hardware architecture enforced simplified symbolic representation of a character called "model" to any real life human qualities.
It's like comparing Windows 64x64 icon to a renaissance painting. There's only so much that can translate.

Hoffmann1144d ago (Edited 1144d ago )

Just got a virus warning after browsing on that site.

This is no joke or to hurt the site, I simply got a virus warning and had to delete it. (Avira used)

pompombrum1144d ago

It's a lower your IQ virus, should type an email to Avira thanking them for saving you.

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The story is too old to be commented.