Microsoft's 'Halo Wars 2' Should Redeem A Failed (But Good) Idea

Forbes: There were few surprises in Microsoft’s Gamescom conference this morning, mostly an extrapolation of currently announced games, showing more footage from titles like Crackdown, Quantum Break and Scalebound. But there was one moment that was certainly a surprise, near the very end when Microsoft announced that Halo Wars 2 was being developed for Xbox One and PC.

The details are scarce, but from what was shared so far, at least the idea is promising. The cinematic trailer showed a new side of the galactic Halo war, though no gameplay, but Microsoft relayed that it’s Total War developer Creative Assembly taking a crack at the strategy game in concert with 343, which now rules the Halo franchise in the wake of Bungie’s departure. Given that Total War is one of the few remaining quality games in the Real-Time Strategy genre, that’s very good news indeed.

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N0TaB0T1141d ago

Just because Halo Wars didn't gain shoulder-to-shoulder reception with the First Person Shooter titles doesn't mean it was a failure. Averaging isn't a failure.

I want what Forbes' staff is smoking.

christocolus1141d ago

Lol. I loved the first one and I'm just happy that we are getting a sequel also it seems Brutes will play a major role in this one.

XBLSkull1140d ago

Halo Wars was fantastic. Finally made a RTS more than playable on consoles. I'm sure this next one will be great too.

Erik73571140d ago

Creative assembly is developing it so its 100% gonna be epic

_-EDMIX-_1140d ago

Agreed 100% One of the best RTS teams. (one of my favorite)

Its an easy buy on PC.

Rookie_Monster1140d ago


Actually there is only one buy as it is crossed buy so in essence if you buy it on PC, you basically bought a XB1 copy and vice versa. MS said thank you. :)

_-EDMIX-_1140d ago

Agreed. Halo Wars was a sleeper hit.

TLG19911140d ago

I saw a forbes article the other day referring to a game as a failure, can't remember what it was but it was something like walking dead. i was just like...WUUHHH? failure??

Its just another one of those websites to avoid!

otherZinc1139d ago

@Paul Tassi,

I wonder if Forbes knows you're ruining what many thought to be a highly credible business Magazine from my College days, along with The Wall Street Journal, that I read weekly.

All Forbes Editor needs to do to prove what a pos liar you are, is to watch you beat Halo Wars on Normal Difficulty in 3 hours; no way you're doing it.

You said it was a failure? When it sold more than all RTS Games combined on console in its first month: over 2 million units. Halo Wars was so successful as an RTS, it made me try other Console RTS Games, as I've never purchased an RTS Game in my life!

There are many lies & misleading comments in your 3rd grade writing piece. I'd appreciate it if you never wrote a gaming article ever in your life again. I know I'll never trust nor read Forbes again; at least not a silly Contributor that knows nothing about business.

3-4-51139d ago

Ensemble Studios has never made a failure, this article is a failure though.

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ZaWarudo1140d ago

Of course it would be Forbes. They spout nothing but negativity.

N0TaB0T1140d ago

And three Forbes' lackeys spammed the disagree button. What a world.

Ko_Uraki1140d ago

Can't disagree more. Halo Wars was an excellent game.

WitWolfy1140d ago

Meh... Never liked the first one... strategy games just dont work on consoles...

TLG19911140d ago

That's a fair opinion! and I do agree that strategy games are at home on the pc I would not agree that they don't work on console. I have played some great ones that play great on console as well as pc.

Roccetarius1139d ago

Indeed, unless people are forced to use other peripherals, then it's bound to be simplified. it simply can't contain any kind of depth of control if it's using a controller.

WellyUK1139d ago

some do but even when they do work well they don't compare to the pc versions or the other great PC rts games, but some of them are alright, RUSE was one of them that worked well on consoles.

Mikefizzled1139d ago (Edited 1139d ago )

Ensemble did something truly brilliant last gen. In a genre that is hard to innovate in. Yes it was a little wonky on balance but it doesn't hide the fact that it was a great deal of fun to play. Setting up 3 10 star Cobras as the opponent tries to rush with scorpions or dropping 40 ODST's into the back of someones base.

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