Is Sony’s Lack Of A Gamescon Conference Overconfidence Or Strength In Silence?

Sony was oddly absent from a Gamescom conference and as such, Skewed and Reviewed have posted an opinion piece asking if this move was overconfidence or strength in silence.

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kungfuian1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

Not sure if this is just flame bait or if they honestly didn't even bother to check. It is a stated fact that Sony will be doing a Press Conference at the Paris show in Oct., because Gamescom and E3 were too close together this year.

Garethvk1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

If you note, the article is about Gamescom, not the Paris show. It does not matter what they do after this for the sake of this article. The point is they (Sony) were not at Gamescom to do a conference, yet their competition Microsoft was. Now seeing how Sony and Microsoft were both at E3 and both did showcase conferences, Microsoft considered it necessary to do a conference for the very large game conference in Europe and did not consider it too close yet Sony did or had other reasons not to do a conference. Some might say that since Microsoft is behind in sales they are looking to showcase themselves whenever they can and the fact that Sony was not doing a conference made it more inviting to them, but when your competition is showing up in a big way with a conference and booth and you only opt for a booth it does raise questions.

kungfuian1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

I disagree. Sony made a decision to have a press conference at Paris instead of Gamescom. They judged the shows to be too close together (for better or worse). Ignoring this fact (not mentioned in the article at all) and instead implying it's due to overconfidence or strength in silence doesn't make sense. Wouldn't an article questioning if Sony's decision to wait until Paris be more appropriate?

Garethvk1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

So again I would ask, why would Microsoft be there then if it was too close to E3? They obviously thought it was of use and do you not think they will be at the Paris show as well?

The article is not about Paris, PAX Prime, or any other show it is about the fact that at a very large show in Europe, Microsoft deemed it worthy of doing a conference at and Sony did not. That is the point. Both had an equal amount of time since E3 so why was it something Microsoft opted to do and Sony did not? That is the questions. So it comes down to Sony not seeing it as worth the time and trouble while Microsoft did. So is this a move of overconfidence that they do not need it, and in some ways a sign Microsoft needs all they can, or Sony saying we do not need to talk at this time as we have said all we need to say? I.E. operating in silence from a position of strength.

DarkOcelet1082d ago

I wonder if we will get a similar article when MS skip TGS.

I doubt it :)

That said, I really doubt skipping gamescom will be a big deal since they still have Paris show which I am pretty sure they could be wanting to show Quantic Dreams new game in their own country.

Also there is still PSXperience and TGS
too so no worries.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1082d ago


You completely ignored the fact that Sony already stated that the reason they didn't have a Gamescom conference is because they just finished with E3 barely 6 weeks ago.

Paris Show
Tokyo Game Show
Playstation Experience

I wonder how many people will be asking, "Why didn't Microsoft have a conference? Are they riding the Halo wave?"

Much ado about nothing...


Sparta071082d ago


"but when your competition is showing up in a big way with a conference and booth and you only opt for a booth it does raise questions."

where those question rasied when micosoft skipped gamescom afew years ago!?

Eonjay1082d ago

Is Microsoft's Lack Of A Paris Games Week or Tokyo Game Show Conference Overconfidence Or Strength In Silence?

Death1082d ago

Gareth has a good point. E3 and Gamescon had the same time between for Microsoft and Sony. To say they were too close together doesn't really make sense.

As for Microsoft not having a showing at TGS, do you blame them? I don't think they would recoup the airfare in increased sales with a presence in Tokyo.

It's interesting that Sony would opt for the second largest game show instead of the biggest. Perhaps they weren't comfortable having a showing at the same conference as Microsoft.

bmwfanatic1082d ago

I am going to bookmark this and see if you guys do an article about ms not being at Tokyo game show or Paris game week. Going by your sites history I very much doubt you will.

1082d ago
t-hall7851082d ago

I think this all comes down to Sony admitting their first party offerings are "sparse" right now. No need to beat a dead horse with games you've shown a few weeks ago. The paris show in october will give their devs time to bring something fresh.

MrSec841082d ago

@Garethvk: It's quite simple, Sony does what they want to, they showed up in an enormous way at E3 this year, they had their own conference last December, they had one at TGS and they were at Gamescom last year, but from what I recall MS didn't have one.

Sony covers more conferences every year and announces games at each, MS doesn't.

They said they felt Gamescom was too close to E3 this year.

As for MS showing up in a big way, how did they do that exactly? By not announcing any new exclusives for XB1, they didn't even announce any exclusive indie(s) for that platform.

No the best you can say is Microsoft showed up and gave some new details on games that they'd already had announced for over a year.
It is of course a matter of perspective, but next time Sony has a conference, where they announce multiple new titles as exclusives for PS4 it should be perfectly fine to state that it was a Gigaton performance.
If Sony doesn't show off any TV or OS stuff, but simply focuses on their games and some new 3rd party then that's enormous, because it would be massively beyond Microsoft's Gamescom 2015 for weight.

Sony are obviously and justifiably confident and don't feel that they need to move, just because MS had a conference for existing games people knew about, TV and OS stuff.

Aenea1082d ago

It's simple, MS showed more than just games for Xbox One at E3, they also showed us Win 10 stuff and almost 30 minutes of HoloLens. Great stuff too, but they were not games.

Sony on the other hand glanced over Project Morpheus and PS Vue in a few minutes and the rest of the show was games, games and more games.

If MS had shown the games at E3 they've shown now at Gamescom they wouldn't have any games (or new footage) to show now either. If Sony had dedicated 30 minutes to non-PS4-games stuff like PS Vue and Morpheus and cut some games they could've left some for Gamescom, but they didn't...

They both just made a choice what they think was best.

Thing is though MS is not giving a press conference, as far as I know, at Paris Games Week (and is not even present at all in Tokyo) and Sony is so they still have more to show...

These types of articles are nonsense, clickbait or just trolling... Let's just all enjoy all the gaming goodness both companies are releasing in the coming years and leave this nonsensical stuff behind!

joeorc1082d ago

Is the lack of more than 2 booths @ games com vs Sony's Six large booths, show Microsoft's lack of enough playable content for playable demos's on the show floor for consumers tontry out @ Gamescom?

DevelopmentArrested1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )


You should also check to see if the same people backing Sony are trashing Microsoft for the same thing then too.

Btw, I don't think it's a big deal myself, but we are going to see hypocrisy both ways on this.

showtimefolks1082d ago


I guess when you have a 12 plus million lead you can take some risks. Sony will still have more conferences Than ms in year 2015

Paris show
Playstation event

and did you know there were more exclusives announced for ps4 than Microsoft announced at their conference

did you know that Sony has the most booths and the biggest floor space at gamescom and yearly they have the most visitors at their booths?

so not sure how much ms gained or how much Sony lost. did we not know about crackdown 3,halo5,forza,quantum break and scalebound before gamescom? weren't these games announced before gamescom?

Sony expects to sell 36.3 million ps4's by March 2016. right now they announced to be at 25.3 million so they expect to sell 11 plus million ps4's in next 9 months. if they thought having a conference at gamescom will make the biggest difefence than I am sure they would have held one

stop overreacting. I am sure a multi billion dollar company knows what's best for their brand.

donthate1081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )

I think it is simply because Sony doesn't have anything to announce. Typically you save your best announcements and those that arrive earliest for E3 sprinkled in with a few far into the future.

Anything else then is usually minor or further into the future.

So my guess is, Sony has nothing to talk about so soon. They need to space announcements out into a later time frame.

If you notice, even MS didn't have anything really for 2015 except for features and BC at Gamescom. They focused their announcement for 2016.

Since Sony only announced Last Guardian and Horizon for 2016, they might have one more trick up their sleeve at best, but that is it. It's getting to late to start making big announcements for 2016.

So what is left is Project Morpheus that releases in less than a year! Sony really needs to start showing us what experiences we are going to be able to buy with it, and price points, etc.

nucky641081d ago

garethvk - why aren't you posting stories of concern for the x1 being outsold almost 2 to 1 by the ps4? or how about a story of concern for the x1 and it's nonexistent sales in japan? these would be real stories based on fact -not opinion-based, made up crap about sony not having a conference at gamescom.

Ezz20131081d ago (Edited 1081d ago )


""It's interesting that Sony would opt for the second largest game show instead of the biggest. Perhaps they weren't comfortable having a showing at the same conference as Microsoft.""

Lol, Why would Sony be uncomfotable having a showing in the same conference as Microsoft ?!
Give me reasons

Also,Sony will have 3 different shows in the upcoming months.
While Microsoft had only one show this year that was exclusive to them.
Why just one show ?!....why not 3 like Sony ?!
did they show everything they got already ?!

There are studios that work with/for Sony that have yet to announce their games.
In the upcoming months ...we will see tons of flip flopping.

bouzebbal1081d ago

here we go again.. just that e3 conference alone they could have split the wow moments into 3-4 different conferences easily. I still didn't recover from that.

On the other hand, Sony will hole a TGS conference (Xbox will not), give a keynote in Paris in 2 months, then comes PS experience. I don't call that any of the garbage this article is coming with.

OB1Biker1081d ago

I think theres also to consider that PS4 is hugely dominant in Germany and France is actually the biggest market in Continental Europe. Hence focusing on PGW is all win win IMO
+way closer to 3rd party deals game releases

Jayszen1081d ago

It only raises questions with Xbox fanboys who seize any opportunity to try and make an issue out of nothing when it comes to the PS4 and Sony. How many times in the pasy has Microsoft not bothered having a presentation at Gamescom and yet that is acceptable because it is Microsoft. Sony made it clear from the outset that they are not having a presentation at Gamescom but will till have a large presence on the floor. They chose to present at Paris in October - unlike Microsoft who are also not going to be at TGS. Does this not then raise similar questions to the ones you are trying to raise about Sony? Of course it does.

Microsoft did not show anything new other than updates of games that had been announced in 2013, 2014 and earlier this year and a another Halo related spin-off . The show was just a consolidation of what they have already shown. It was more for the media and getting newspace than for the gamers. At least Sony will have something new to show given the gap between their presentations!

Muerte24941081d ago

People are overlooking the fact that Sony has a minimum of 70% market share in all EU markets except for EU, which it still leads in. I know Garethvk submitted the story so he feels a need to somehow defend it.

On the 11 million by the end of their fiscal year is completely doable. I believe Sony sold 6.8 million last year during the holidays. That leaves 2 quarters to sell 4.2 million. If they ship 2.1M this quarter, they are going to be in really good shape.

avengers19781081d ago

To be honest MS needs a bigger push in Europe than Sony does... I mean sales wise, PS4 is really killing XB1 in Europe.

dafegamer1081d ago

will you make another article when MS skips Tokyo Game Show? Just curious

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Thatguy-3101082d ago

Exactly! Sony stated why they weren't going to have a conference since it was too close to E3. Look at Microsoft, they held a conference and didn't really have a lot of buzz coming out of it because they showed a lot of things we already knew about.

uth111082d ago

It will fuel a 1000 predictable headlines

xfiles20991082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

Not just that Sony has developers that are based in Paris so they will bring it there for sure very interested in seeing Sony Bend studios game. Not to mention they also have TGS next month as well.

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remixx1161082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

Gareth and when did Microsoft state they were gonna be at Paris??

If/when they skip that will articles like this be justified then?

Sony was at 5 events last year E3, gamescom, VGAs, TGS and PSX.

MS was at 2......were they being overconfident or............

Its a shame that Sony skips one event and a bunch of baseless questions pop up, even if in reality they just moved the event into a more comfortable position for themselves and to help space things out.

Yet when MS skipped gamescom the year before last no questions were asked, when microsoft skips tgs this year no questions will be asked, when Nintendo skipped gamescom this year no questions were asked.....I guess we know why.

Sony always has more conferences than the competition every year and the one year they decide to move a conference from one event to another everyone stands up to make statements through baseless assumptions and flaimbait rhetoric.....

AngelicIceDiamond1082d ago

I don't understand why ppl are making a big deal outta this. MS needs Gamescom hell they need more events then Sony does overall. MS isn't attending TGS because they have very little to almost no support from that region. Scalebound and Recore are Japanese games but MS needs to multiply those types of games by 100 if they wanna make some sort of impact over there.

Lol Sony has Paris Gameshow its not that big a deal.

WowSoChill1081d ago

i never even heard of the Paris Game show lol

johndoe112111081d ago

Wow, i guess that means it's irrelevant and sony should skip it? Tell me what events you have heard about so I can let sony know they need to concentrate on those.

Cohagen4201081d ago

Lol of course its flamebait, Playstation will be at TGS, Paris, and Playstation Experience

medman1081d ago

It's No Man's Sky, not No Man's Land, as an fyi. And you mention the show's Sony has coming up....Paris, Tokyo, and the Playstation Experience. I expect Sony to save perhaps one or two of their numerous incoming 1st party reveals from some of their stellar studios (Sucker Punch, Santa Monica, Quantic Dream-technically not first party but only release for Sony, Polyphony, etc. etc.) for the playstation experience. It's perfect timing for them, right before Christmas when purchasing decisions are made...they've already showed some big AAA's for 2016, including Uncharted, Dreams, Horizon Zero Dawn, and The Last Guardian...they've also got huge indies like Rime, The Tomorrow Children, No Man's Sky, Wild, Alienation, etc. etc....Sony has it on lock. They literally have so many games available, and on the way, it's a pretty special time right now.

Microsoft and Nintendo are also looking good for 2016, so I expect 2016 to be a legendary year for that may be talked about for a very long time. I'm hoping, anyway.

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PhoenixUp1082d ago

Omfg, Sony delayed this conference for TGS, PGS, and PSX.

Where were all these articles when Microsoft missed GamesCon in the past few years? And where will these articles be when Microsoft misses TGS, PGS, or having their own separate annual press conference like they used to in the past?

Garethvk1082d ago

I would point out history. In recent years Sony has opted out of shows where Microsoft and Nintendo have had a large presence and this is a growing trend for them. I think it speaks more to them developing the PlayStation Experience, but a company the size of Sony being absent at large shows while your competition uses them to advance their cause is something to take notice of.

littlezizu1082d ago

Sony owns European market with 75% to 90% market share. They also know gamescom attract large crowds but 90% of those crowds come for show floors. That's why they have largest booth area more than double of microsoft, and hey images in twitter on large queue in Sony booth only show they understand market better.
Besides they have PGS, TGS and PSX and hey sony got three brand new exclusive one week prior to gamecom they were Dragon quest xi, Dragon quest heroes and DQ Builder. So they are not worried as they have more exclusives in 2015 and 2016 than nearest competition.

the_dark_one1082d ago

but you are forgetting thats sony is there, at gamescon, just no press conference. when they already gave their reasons for not having a press conference. if they did, then in PGS they would be left with nothing to show, in TGS we know they are going to focus more in their japan studios.

Minato-Namikaze1082d ago

Can you point out to me what gaming shows sony has opted out of the last few years? I cant remember them off top of my head.

NeverHeavyMan1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

The fact that it must be stated to you that Sony has a presence there means you should think over your articles before writing them. Your insinuations don't jive with the facts of the situation.

There's not even any uniqueness to these articles anymore. It's just cut and past - "Sony is in trouble because Microsoft had a stage conference". Makes no sense at all. Sony has three, count that, THREE, conferences left for the year. What is so hard to grasp about that?

You have written negative PlayStation pieces before, so I'm not shocked to see this nonsense. It's your attitude that makes it cringe-worthy!

joeorc1082d ago

Larger presence? 2 booths for Microsoft vs 6 booths that are larger than the ones microft has..right now @ Gamescom!

Microsoft a larger presence?.. Really?

Try again sparky.

remixx1161082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

^^^^the guys above me said it the best, your statements are pathetic and baseless and I'm curious as to what events Sony has opted out of in recent years that MS and ninty has been at......please tell me or are you lying? As I do not see a growing trend of sony backing out of events and MS and Ninty stepping just pulled that out of your ass

Sony has actually increased the amount of events its been at like psx and China joy so stop with this crap.

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GNCFLYER1082d ago

Xbox fans constantly move goalposts as well as berate everything about the PS4 while maintaining there system is perfect and xb live never goes down.

Reddit looks like a constant xb convention. Saw 7 great xb articles last night and 2 negative sony articles including # better psn

stonecold31082d ago

all i know sony will be in paris plus the tokyo game show coming up i know microsoft wont be there at any of these shows plus sony had big annoucment coming up for the ps4 in paris cant wait what is in store for the ps4 at paris and tokyo game show looking forward to it

kungfuian1082d ago


“With the changes this year of E3 taking place a week later and gamescom taking place earlier, we feel that both PlayStation and the wider industry would benefit from a major news milestone later in the year, during the most important period for gaming.”

What about that choice implies overconfidence or strength in silence? Sounds a lot more like they want their large press announcements to be spread out this year.

Garethvk1082d ago

I have updated the article based on feedback, but I do note that Sony opted out of Gamescom and Comic Con where Microsoft had a large presence so why are they so willing to let their top competition go without challenge at those events? Sure Sony has upcoming shows, but PAX Prime is in Microsoft's back yard and they will have other events as well. I have a PS4 and it is my console of choice, but I do find their absence from events where Microsoft keeps getting coverage to be a concern.

kungfuian1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

If Sony had not announced their intentions to be in Paris, and their reasoning behind it, I would completely agree with you.

But in this case it just seems like a conscious move on their part. Microsoft chose to have a presser at Gamescom and Sony in Paris. IMO this is more an indication of a change in Sony's annual game news/press release cycle than anything else. In a few months they will likely show a ton of new content and x-box likely wont.

What ever the case, the effectiveness and reasoning of this kind of decision should be measured across an entire year and not in isolation.

spacedelete1082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

the masses are buying the PS4 in droves. Sony aren't going to improve or at least start trying until MS closes the lead. it seems like the PS4 it gets a flood of indies every week with a drip feed of AAA games because Sony are getting complacent.

Mikeyy1082d ago

Garethvk, Troll harder bro.

For the 1,000th time. people keep telling you that Sony is hitting OTHER shows that Microsoft is NOT. Why is this so hard for you to comprehend?

You are not interested in intelligent argument. You are here simply to troll and make Sony supposedly look bad.

at the end of the day Sony had 3x more booths at gamescom then MS did, what do you say about that? Nothing because you are a troll.

Website and article = WTF

morganfell1081d ago


For someone involved in reporting on the industry, you must be living under a rock. Sony has only clearly stated countless times why they have made various press decisions. Yet like most so called writers these days you choose to ignore their statements, Why? For the sake of some hit inducing controversy? Guess what? You will not get a click for those reasons.

Also, Gamescom has been referred to time again concerning its attendee numbers. Attendees, as in people on the show floor where Sony's presence was far more prominent than their competition.

Sony spoke and brought brought 70 plus games to the ChinaJoy show, the largest emerging new market. Why would the competition snub such a massive up and coming demographic?

Finally, will you write more of these articles when Sony is making announcements in their Paris Games show keynote? Will you do likewise when other notables are missing at TGS where Sony will also be speaking? As regards PSX...well?

Sony is providing more direct press announcements than other hardware manufacturers but for some reason you feel that are "not answering" their competition because they are not keynoting 1 out of 6 major game shows (Comicon is hardly a gamesjunket). Can the competition say the same?

reallyNow1081d ago

Cost benefit analysis. The cost of doing a show just a few weeks after the biggest show of the year vs. how much useful publicity it would give them made it make no sense for Sony to appear. The only reason MS showed up is because they're way behind and need to advertise on everything or continue to hemorrhage 360 gamers.

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Rimeskeem1082d ago

Maybe its what they have been saying all along and its too close to E3. Or is official statement not good enough now a days?

Garethvk1082d ago

So why was it not too close to E3 for Microsoft and all the other companies at Gamescom who were also at E3? It is an easy excuse but not a valid one. The fact of the matter is that they said we are so far ahead we can blow this off and focus on the upcoming shows, where Microsoft did what all consider to be a solid presentation and continue to gain momentum. It is never wise in business to let your competition have a showcase event where you are not available to respond. So sure Sony has some great things coming up in a few months, for now Microsoft is all the talk of Gamescom and not Sony.

Ron_Danger1082d ago

You are trying way too hard to prove to everyone that this is an actual valid piece of journalism and not some fanboy rant article.

And what's with you trying to answer questions in this comment section with questions? Answering a question with a question is just a distraction technique that proves you realize you are wrong, but don't want to admit it.

22CobraKing1082d ago

All their talking about is about things we already knew from e3 except for some things like halo wars 2. Who are they going to be talking about when Paris games week and Tokyo game show begin not Microsoft right? It's all going to be Sony. That's the best thing Sony could do maybe announce unannounced games, bundles and it's right around the holidays.

Minato-Namikaze1082d ago

Sony has the Biggest boothe at gamescom. They arent exactly just letting MS have free reign at gamescom.

mkis0071082d ago

Playstation conference at Paris will be the talk leading to the holidays due to timing now. Ms announced halo wars 2...they could have benefited from a later conference.

joeorc1082d ago



You were saying something about presence, that does not even include the Morpheus booth..lmao

Umm yeah, we know who really has the presence @ that event between both companies, there.

Subaruwrx1081d ago

@Garethvk - "It is never wise in business to let your competition have a showcase event where you are not available to respond." So, using your logic, MS should not skip the Paris and Tokyo game shows.

Sweep141081d ago

Because Sony is not MS. Sony choose to not have a presser at Gamestop. They evaluated that their new games announcements would be better timed during the PGW.

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