GameDaily: The Conduit Preview

When Nintendo first unveiled the Wii Remote, gamers wondered how it would work with first person shooters. Unfortunately, the system launch made a horrible first impression, no thanks to Ubisoft's average Red Steel and later, the terrible Far Cry Vengeance. Since those abominations, companies (other than Nintendo with Metroid Prime 3: Corruption) failed to capitalize on the technology, but the upcoming shoot-em-up, The Conduit, looks phenomenal for a Wii game, sporting impressive graphics and a fully customizable control scheme.

Set in present day Washington D.C., you play as Agent Ford, a man out to thwart an alien invasion. After receiving orders from the mysterious Mr. John Adams, Ford sets out to kill anything that isn't human. Fortunately, it doesn't take him long to find these creatures, and he shows them no mercy, unloading countless rounds using a pistol, machine gun and sniper rifle. He also gains access to alien technology and uses their own weapons against the scourge.

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