New PS4 Model CUH-1215A May Already be Available in North America

The new CUH-1215A model of the PS4 may already be available in North America, though without any official fanfare from Sony.

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blackblades1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

This guy on reddit trying to confirm it with them. The box looks the same as the old except that it doesn't have the remaster in Spanish at the bottom I might be wrong. Hopefully it is and it's a sign that there finally coming into the u.s.

blackblades1076d ago

Na if the box is the right photo then I doubt it's the new model cause the new model box doesn't have a handle l.

FallenAngel19841076d ago

I'll only care when the 1TB PS4 model is widely available in North America

traumadisaster1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

I'm kind of in the same boat, but now I'm thinking there will be more than 1tb worth of games when I buy it.

I may have to wait until they allow external HD or just replace the 1tb, but that's kind of a waste too.

Tlos, dc, drakes, gow, 1492, few others. I guess I could get by on 1tb.

Retroman1076d ago

I'll care when a price drop announce at 300- 289.00

iTechHeads1076d ago

Hopefully they offer a plain-old PS4 with no game included for low price. Having a game like TLOU or Batman included "free" at 399 is nice but a lot of people just want a low entry point like you.