E3 2008: The Conduit Live Wire Demo

The Live Wire Demo of The Conduit from E3, brought to you by IGN.

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Voiceofreason3670d ago

It is really the same video we have been seeing since E3, only this one has commentary. I am very impressed with Conduit so far. It seriously pisses me off that some nobody company can make a game that is clearly superior to anything bigger companies are offering.

iamtehpwn3670d ago

Remember when we first Red Steel and thought "WOW! Shooters on the Wii are going to be awesome!", and then we were disappointed. This game, Delivers, and does it on a HIGH note. Not only does it look great, it looks insane fun, it's a Wii game I'm going to want to play on my Big screen.

Everyone I urge you, PLEASE buy this game, and not Mario And Sonic at the Olympics.

TruthbeTold3669d ago

Correction. Buy both The Conduit, and Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games, but if you can only afford one, then buy The Conduit. :)

I know it fits into the whole party game category, but contrary to popular belief, Mario and Sonic is an extremely fun game. I think that the hate surrounding it has more to do with how insanely well it's selling rather than the actual quality of the game. IMO, only a downright hater could play that game with a group of friends and walk away saying it wasn't fun.

Product3670d ago

Completely agree.

Companies need to understand that to sell well on the wii you need to design from the ground up.

Although i like the orange gun in the game how you can shoot it then pull the blast down into the ground with the controller....creative idea for a gun.imo.

Vojkan3670d ago

Ok, great for Wii, game looks good, but another Alien invasion game? I mean come on lets be little more original.

TheColbertinator3670d ago

Not very original,true.But its not like alien invasion games are coming to the Wii anyways.

Besides it looks cool.

tatotiburon3670d ago

Great game, the wii has a few more surprises

Product3670d ago

actually in an interview i think it was ign who asked the same question about the aliens coming to earth and the creaters said somehting about how there is a big twist in the middle of the story.

Sizik3663d ago

No, Mr. Ford. You are the aliens.

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The story is too old to be commented.