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Cutesy platformers with rebellious anthropomorphic lead characters haven’t exactly been in fashion for some time. Even way back in 2005, when Legend of Kay came out on the venerable Playstation 2, these kinds of games were seriously on the wane. Now, Legend of Kay has been given a re-release for its tenth anniversary to remind us all of simpler times in gaming.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1026d ago

I beat it just today, and I gotta say...
It was fun.
For those that like starting on normal and clearing harder difficulties in subsequent playthroughs, unlocking neat little extras via points, and finding every secret in every level, there's a decent amount of replay value here.
It's not GOTY material by any stretch, but combat does have some depth and challenge to it and the story, though weak, has its moments.
If there's any downsides, it's the voice acting at certain points, and the fact that a lot of dialogue is unskippable until you've heard it at least once.

Overall, I'd recommend waiting until it drops to $20, for those that are unsure regarding platforming adventure games.

For fans of the genre, though, it might be worth what it's going for now.

Darkfist1026d ago

this makes me want ape escape remastered