Microsoft's Backwards Compatibility Wall Was Full Of Duplicates, So We Removed Them


At E3 2015, Microsoft surprised its fans everywhere with the announcement that the Xbox One would begin supporting backwards compatibility later this year. At this morning's Xbox Gamescom media briefing, Microsoft continued to detail its increased emphasis on the feature, stating that exclusive franchises like Gears of War, Halo, Fable, and Crackdown are committed to supporting backwards compatibility alongside third-party publishers like Ubisoft, Bethesda, Deep Silver, Capcom, EA, 2K, Warner Bros., and more. In addition, Microsoft also announced that all future Games with Gold offerings would be decided with backwards compatibility in mind.

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TFJWM1200d ago

funny, they will still have the 100 games I'm sure once it releases, not sure why they bothered to use dups...

Christopher1200d ago

Still likely working to confirm some of them. They are probably working on getting way more than 100 by it's full release, but are estimating only about a 100 to be safe.

rdgneoz31200d ago

The easy ones to guarantee are first party games / ones they published. After that, they probably have to ask each dev/pub individually for permission (which will be hard when you have companies that have gone out of business). Which is why you won't see COD on there any time soon as Activision would rather have gamers buy the new yearly releases than play their past favorites on their new system.

UltraNova1199d ago


..and continue to support 10 year old multiplayer game servers.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1199d ago


If rdgneoz3's comment about CoD was what you meant, you should remember CoD has, and probably always will be player to player servers, I still migrate hosts in AW on the rare occasion I'm playing it :)

UltraNova1199d ago


Yes you are right but dev/publisher eventually stop monitoring traffic and that's when hackers get their chance.

ABizzel11199d ago

For the life of me I don't understand why they do things like this. Always 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Just be 100% upfront. This actual list isn't that big, but we know you plan on adding more, so just say that and move on.

shloobmm31199d ago


They aren't doing anything shady they are simply showing what they can show now. They said there will be over 100 games at launch in November. Gameinformers list definitely isn't 100 games. MS has done nothing wrong but simply make a BC graphic.

dirkdady1199d ago

If the intent of that graphic display of BC games was to wow us with the sheer number of games they will support then it's actually deceptive. That's the actual definition of the word.

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WitWolfy1200d ago

I counted 53 games in that list.. Not bad at ALL! :) A much better option then rebuying those crappy "remaster editions"

WhyWai881199d ago

while it's cool you can play ur last gen games on new console...
Remasters up the resolution of those games and they certainty look less crappy than last gen version...

WitWolfy1199d ago

I dont think that slightly better graphics and locked 69 FPS are worth price of admission. Plus it has been shown that the BC games running better on the Xbox One compared to its last gen counterparts.

zidane13411199d ago

I'd much rather have remasters of my favorite games. Bioshock for example. But they have to do more then what my PC can, for example the tomb raider next Gwen remake and all of the extra detail.

ABizzel11199d ago


Remaster drop price significantly faster than other games. The few I've bought have all been under $20. Another benefit is that they come with as WhyWai88 said a higher resolution, more stable / 60fps framerate, better graphics, all the game content / DLC, and in the best cases multiple games in the series.

If it came down to free BC / Remasters, I would pick free BC 9/10, but I'd take a good remaster over an older version any day of the week if it's a worthwhile upgrade with all the content and "priced right".

Also BC has been hit and miss for XBo thus far. Some games run better, some run worse, but nothing's unplayable, so it's a fine job done for the emulation team.

_-EDMIX-_1199d ago

@Wit- Don't go full fanboy. I'm not sure why someone would want lessor vs better quality.

You can have both bud, this isn't a either or lol.

@ABizz - "take a good remaster over an older version any day of the week"

Agreed. I'd take a better, faster version vs a dated older version any day.

One can't just state that old dated version, better then HD, 60fps version that just makes no damn sense.

BC is fine and all, but remasters by DEFAULT would be BETTER, easily. Your talking about better quality, likely with all the DLC, vs lessor quality.

I'm not even sure how thats debatable.

You can have BC and remasters bud.

I own a PS3 that is 100% NATIVE to playing ALL PS3 games not just um some or "53" and I own a PS4 and I can tell you that I got The Last Of Us on PS4 because I never owned the PS3 version.

Why the hell would I EVER argue the Last Of Us PS3 vs PS4?

I can't be THIS MUCH of a fanboy that even the logic of an upgraded version is beyond their comprehension.

That is like saying "who needs next gen games when you have BC" lol

"who needs 1080p 60fps, when BC can give you non-hd and 20fps YO BRO!!!! So I think its best EA stops that Mass Effect remaster as we have the dated version, options suck, only BC is derrrrr best!"

I mean...really now folks lol.

You can like a feature and still like upgrades and remasters and remakes.

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XanderZane1199d ago

Seems G.I. got bored or something for them to bother checking for duplicate games on a sizzle reel. I thnk Microsoft did this to show that there would be over 100 games available when the service launched. They just included the games that were already announced. When the service launches the 100+ games would replace all the duplicates in the reel anyway. That's pretty obvious. Seems this was just another click bait article to try and rile up some drama among fanboys. For shame.

otherZinc1199d ago


Wow, way to show how biased you are.

Will you guys have a shame article when there are actually more than 100 Backwards Compatible games from the XBOX ONE?

No. No you wont.

I'll now resume playing Gears Of War 1 Campaign Co-op & Multiplayer on my XBOX ONE.


samchez771198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

They use Dups because as usual, MS like to mislead the public and create a far larger impression than deserved. They have done it time and time again. remember the original promo for Project 'Natal'? lol. Power of the Cloud?

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slate911200d ago

Idk how many times the company has to say 100 BC titles when it releases...

irepdtr1200d ago

Laminatedet89 will u add/invite me
On xbox? Jw if not tho its cool

slate911199d ago

Np bro i will today. Takes a few days for them to send you the message once i invite you :)

TheGreatGamer1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

It's probably because MS are still out there making the deals and dealing with the legal stuff for many of these games. It's embarassing that the guys at gameinformer have nothing better to do with their time

IamTylerDurden11199d ago

It's embarrassing that companies have to be manipulative, especially about something so seemingly insignificant, but obviously ms thought it was important to make ppl think at that time they had more games in the works than they actually did.

These type of practices may "not be a big deal" to some but it's things like this, showing unrealistic gameplay footage before releases, running games on high end pc's instead of the console it's supposed to be on at shows, paying You tubers and making them sign non-disclosure agreements, lying about native resolution on the box, and numerous other dishonest practices in the industry that need to stop. It's more the behavior than the specific action, it's a trend and it leaves a bright green dishonest taste in your mouth.

Red1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Technically, it would be manipulative to show titles that aren't confirmed and may not ever be BC, or to show made-up titles to fill space. I would have just said 100's of games and not shown the graphic, but they chose a graphic for presentation.

XanderZane1199d ago

The 100 plus games that will release when the the service launches would replace all the duplicates pretty easily. It's not rocket science. It's pretty much just a place holder for what's to come. I'm not seeing anything dishonest about this at all. All 3 companies (Nintendo, Sony & Microsoft) have lied in the past, shown unrealistic CGI gameplay footage, ran games on high end PC's, lied about native resolution and have had dishonest practices. It's been like that for over 30 years. I know because I've experience that whole gaming industry since it began with "Space War" at "M.I.T." and Pong at the arcade. In any case, there's no manipulating going on here. Gamers are smarter then that.

meanthyme1199d ago

Im with you ! They planned it on a grassy knoll, the truth is out there ! In sony we trust ! Ps4 ftw! Sales ! Etc... ad infintum.

_-EDMIX-_1199d ago

"It's embarrassing that companies have to be manipulative, especially about something so seemingly insignificant"

Its their IPs, it sorta has a significance. They still need to make money on their IPs. If they want to allow support on XONE, then that is up to them.

Take your emotions out of it bud, its business. Leave your feelings at the door.

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Becuzisaid1200d ago

It's still a lot and it doesn't sound like it takes much work to get more added.

RobLoPR1200d ago

OMG... you guys are incredible stating the obious... each row has around 45 to 50 titles and ther are 6 rows... why would you be surprised they repeated titles if theyre talking about starting in November with over 100... not 270 to 300 titles?

LifeInNZ1200d ago

Because, it seems to some that any opportunity to negatively spin backward compatibility should be taken.

If given the choice to have BC or not, as long as it does not mean sacrificing other features, then I would opt to have it!

Rookie_Monster1200d ago

Nice catch. And besides, I think MS wants to surprise us all when the full list is revel at launch so duplicating titles is a way to conceal the surprises.

Ocsta1200d ago

Tee hee! Yep! Unca Phil is full of surprises! Tee hee!

DeadlyOreo1199d ago

Suprise you with games you have already played and completed that you can play right now anyway? Lol, you guys are easily please.

zidane13411199d ago

Deadly Oreo, or maybe we're smart enough to enjoy being able to use our games we have bought the last 10 years? BTW if your going to try insulting someone, the very least you can do is spell check. We are easily please? Lol,stay in school.

_-EDMIX-_1199d ago

@zidane- " maybe we're smart enough to enjoy being able to use our games we have bought the last 10 years?"


I where not even smart enough to keep the system that plays all the games native sooooo.

If it was such a great feature, you would not be without a 360 and praying for BC.

That doesn't sound smart.

I still own my PS3 along side my PS4, I even still have my PS2 working even with a full BC PS3.

Begging for older games to work on a newer system just sounds like you made some mistakes when you sold, traded etc your 360 and if you STILL own your 360 and this is a big deal to you.....that is even sadder.

Sony could announce BC tomorrow for PS4 and I would not bat an eye. What does that really mean for someone like me who owns 3 PS3's in my family? Who has over 200 PS3 games?

It means very little to me, consider I have HDD space for some of those PS3 games.....on my PS3, I have a PS4 to play PS4 games, I won't just start filling up space on that HDD with games I can play on my PS3.

Rookie_Monster1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )


LOL, I am out of space and HDMi port on my living room entertainment center and besides, I want to use DVR, take a screenshot, stream my X360 games, which only works on my XB1. No need for bringing your story up as I am sure zidane and many other Xbox gamers are not you as with myself, I like my things to be as simple and cluster free as possible.

Hey, different stroke for different folks. have a great day, my friend and enjoy playing that Uncharted 2 MP on your PS3 while me and others are totally enjoying playing Gears 1 and many other X360 games soon against other X360 foes with our XB1 today. :)

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