PS Now Launches on PS Vita; Riddled With Bugs and Problems

PS Now users have taken to Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and bus shelters to discuss how awful the experience is on the PS Vita. To be fair, it is still in early days, but we can see why some people are getting frustrated – they’re paying good money to use the service, after all. - The Games Cabin

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Fullmetalevolust1080d ago

We already had a beta phase on the vita...I remember dlding it and trying a couple of games. There wasn't a monthly subscription option at the time.

chrish19901080d ago

The beta part was my mistake - it's still in beta here in EU. My bad!

breakpad1080d ago

why Sony wasting money on PS Now?? s a terrible service by us a proper backward compatible emulator Sony and cancel PS Now all together

TheColbertinator1080d ago

So the Vita playing PS3 games might turn out interesting if the problems are ironed out

SoapShoes1080d ago

It's great I rented a few games on it for the beta. I want to try Uncharted 2 on it.

JMaine5181080d ago

Imma need a better subscription price. Give me 8-10 dollars a month and I'm all over this.

gokuking1080d ago

Scumbay Sony: Gives you free 7-day PS Now trial, but the app is completely broken for that week.

Lonnie181080d ago

You know I like PS Now, I have rented a few titles and platinum some as well with the 7 day rental. No need to buy a game I'll quickly finish and the service gives me access to games I don't have. Not everyone has 400 games in their collection even if backwards compatiblity was a standard feature on the ps4.

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