Scalebound Gameplay Impressions, Now it's Time to get Excited

PoliGame's Talks about the Gameplay footage of The Xbox exclusive Scalebound. Does this game actually live up to it's hype or does it fall flat. Which begs the question can we really trust CG trailers?

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TheGreatGamer1083d ago

SB looks freaking amazing and 4 player co-op!

Poli_Games1083d ago

RIGHT!? That got me so excited!!!!! You can tell how excited i am by how many F bombs i dropped

TheGreatGamer1083d ago

Yeah that definitely made it easy to tell! The game is a day one purchase for me

Genuine-User1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

Unfortunately I can't share your excitement for this game.

There was nothing amazing or exciting in the 8 minute gameplay demonstration, in my opinion of course.

1083d ago
poppinslops1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

@'Genuine'user - I'm curious, did you like anything from Microsoft's conference?

Genuine-User1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )


I know what it is. And I still don't think it looks amazing or exciting. RPG's have most definitely become my thing.

Open-world, dragons and co-op do instill some hope in me, but from what I have seen so far, it's just not my thing.

My opinion can change in the future.

Genuine-User1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )


Yep. Quantum Break was spectacular, Halo 5's multiplayer match was exhilarating and Crackdown's cloud-based destruction was impressive.

poppinslops1083d ago

Good answer... I shall remove you from my list.

4Sh0w1083d ago

I wasn't expecting what was shown. I was expecting gameplay along the lines of Vanquish without all the tech -with Dragons. Wow, but what we got was something so much more impressive and I really like what Kamiya is cooking up with Scalebound. The details in the Dragons look absolutely amazing and the game world is so beautiful to look at too. This guy is right Microsoft have a winner on their hands with this game....thanks to the talented Kamiya-san.

My only negative is the main character is a bit cocky+corny but Japanese made games always have that sort of vibe to me, its definitely nothing that will stop me from getting this game day 1.

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Yi-Long1083d ago

It looked very good indeed. Personally, it could convince me to buy an XBO, but it would have to offer the option for Japanese voices.

Not interested in dub-only releases.

Kingdomcome2471083d ago

Why would it be dubbed? The script is written in English, and is voiced in English, as it's original language, with an English speaking protagonist. It's not being developed, or written with Japanese as it's primary language, and then translated into English. That would be like expecting Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising, or Bayonetta, all games primarily targeted at a Western audience but developed by a Japanese developer to be voiced in Japanese as it's primary language.

1083d ago
Yi-Long1082d ago

@Kingdomcome: No it isn't. Games like Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising and Scalebound are made by Japanese, in Japan. It's creator, Kamiya, barely speaks a word of English, so I very VERY much doubt the original script would be in English.

I want my entertainment in the original language whenever possible. In gaming, in 2015, with the possibilities we have now when it comes to storage and downloads, it's ALWAYS possible, and thus it should ALWAYS be offered as an option to have the original language.

poppinslops1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

So epic... can't wait to see what it's like to ride a dragon!

VaporCell1083d ago

This game has me underwhelmed though...Graphics are nothing too fancy, just very vibrant solid colors but I guess it's the art style, I don't mind that. The gameplay elements just seemed to not bond together and the "cool" music playing along the demo didn't match the pace of the action of the game. I kind of like some of the enemies as they look to have a very old school art style like before games started trying too hard to look realistic. I'm not gonna criticize frame rate for obvious reason. Maybe they should have shown some co-op, because it looks too generic giving commands to a drake and watch it attack ;/ reminds me of Riley from cod ghost. And by the way, they fail hard at trying to create funny or entertaining moments with the boring main character, and the whole idea of him having headphones listening to music and try to make him cool is a bad attempt...very bad execution imo
I own ps4, xbox one, and a pc for league of legends only so dont even call me a fan boy, just expressing my dissapointment...

SuperStatePro1083d ago

It's pre-alpha and a year away. I thought it looked good even still.

opoikl1082d ago


I'm with you all the way on this. You expressed my feelings exactly and in doing so pointed out that it's damn difficult to create a cool & likeable main character like Nathan Drake or even Delsin Rowe. It's so easy to go overboard on this, as you walk the fine line between relatable and caricatural.

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Haru1083d ago (Edited 1083d ago )

I think the game looks good/average the animations look stiff and the framerate was all over the place

Poli_Games1083d ago

Yeah the frame rate was very odd. But, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, scone it was probably a very early build of the game. Plus dragons!!!

Kingdomcome2471083d ago

Yeah. Thankfully it's a year out from release. There's plenty of time for optimization. I'm very excited for this game, and I'm eager to hear more about how co-op will work.

poppinslops1083d ago

Watch the IGN vid - much smoother... also, that was alpha footage, so it'll look even better when it releases.

falviousuk1083d ago

Like the crackdown footage, the Scalebound footage was pre-alpha also. you expect those kind of things in unoptimised early code.

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ZaWarudo1083d ago

Yeah, it looked great. My only gripe so far is the MC design... He looks like Eminem :L

showtimefolks1083d ago

so far it's pretty alpha but it doesn't look interesting and that's just for me personally. this game still have a long way before release so I know it will turn out just fine

in a 8 minute demo I am not sure if they can really show much. it did have a lot of potential so I am excited nonetheless

for me personally crackdown and quantum break were amazing. I read that crackdown destruction is online only. I hope they still offer great destruction to single player gamers

Lionalliance1083d ago

IT looks ok, but they need to improve in a lot of things.

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