Fancy Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 Theme Available via Donations to PlayStation Heroes

The latest way for PlayStation 4 players to show their support for PlayStation Heroes comes in the form of a pretty cool Horizon: Zero Dawn PS4 theme.

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mushroomwig1052d ago

Only available in the North American store for the time being. A game that's made in Europe, incredible.

Aloy-Boyfriend1052d ago

This is to support the U.S. Army, not EU's

iWishTifaWasReal1052d ago

I'm from Canada. Does this support Canadian army as well?

Aloy-Boyfriend1052d ago

I will support the cause, but I really want dynamic theme with some dinobots going around and stuff. Make it happen Guerrilla!

iceman061052d ago

This is a pretty good idea. Donate and get a "bonus". Not bad at all.

ballisticvoodoo1052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

Oh ya, that's right. I forgot the battle cry of the Netherlands.....RUN! Too bad the tenacity of Guerrilla games wasn't prevalent throughout Dutch history. In no way is this intended to offend or demean the Netherlands or the Dutch. I love Holland but when I see somebody as ignorant as "mushroomwig" making stupid statements I feel implored to make equally stupid statements back at him/her.