World of Warcraft Subscriptions Down: Should It Go F2P?

Zach Sharpes discusses the recent earnings call for Activision Blizzard, and their announcement that World of Warcraft has dropped down to 5.6 million subscribers. This is the lowest subscriber count since WoW Vanilla in 2005.

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Zsharpes1081d ago

Is free-to-play the answer? What do you guys think?

Sonyslave31081d ago

It still have 5.6mil subs World of Warcraft is fine.

Roccetarius1081d ago

Sub wise it seems fine, but the game itself is not fine. It baffles me how Blizzard can get away with so few content releases in 2015.

bradfh1080d ago

Vanilla (3 year): 20 dungeons - 8 raids.
TBC (1 year): 16 dungeons - 8 raids.
WotLK (1 year): 16 dungeons, 9 raids.
Cataclysm (2 years): 14 dungeons, 6 raids.
MoP (2 years): 9 dungeons , 5 raids.
WoD (2 years): 8 dungeons, 3 raids.

and here is the big reason why

joab7771080d ago

It might as well b/c f2p doesn't mean no subbing. It just means there's a cash shop, and WoW already has one. It would simply boost the numbers and bring ppl back, and many would sub again anyway. And those who sub now would continue to do so

1080d ago
Roccetarius1081d ago

Blizzard can keep this going for at least a few years more, but it's a slow and definite decline of the game. Once it dips below operate costs they'll flip the switch.

TheGreatGamer1080d ago

Bring it to xb1 and ps4, should give the game a boost

_LarZen_1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

I'm not going to pay fees to play a game ever again. So going F2P would make me at least try it again.

fishy11080d ago

They need to go VR, I would totally get back into it if it was full VR. I'd be raiding 24/7

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The story is too old to be commented.