Awesome changes in Quantum Break during one year of development. 2014 vs 2015 Gameplay Comparison.

Today on Gamescom's Press Conference, Microsoft unveiled a brand new gameplay of one of the most interesting games aimed only on the Xbox One. Interestingly, during one year of development the game has changed quite significant. Do you want to see the difference?

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TheGreatGamer1079d ago

Very refreshing to see an upgrade and not a downgrade comparison! one of my most anticipated games coming next year

christocolus1079d ago

2016 is going to be amazing. Great job Remedy.

jb2271078d ago

Looks the same to me...taken from different times in the day but graphically still the amazing looking title demoed in 2014, no more, no less. If this is some kind of new build, I'd have to see it in proper action vs. clips from a trailer to pick up on the true differences.

KiwiViper851079d ago

The change of main character is the most obvious change. Although they do look similar, maybe its story related and original is slightly older.

Erik73571079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

2015 he looks younger and more appealing/relatable....the character model for 2014 looked older and uglier

TFJWM1079d ago

I'd guess he looks more like the actor in the live action now

Jayszen1079d ago

Fries1223 - older is not always bad and younger sometimes is implausible especially where it the character is supposed to be very skilled as experience only comes with age...

Erik73571078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

Lol Jayszen must be a old person..... never said it was better....just said he was younger and more appealing to the eye

masterfox1079d ago

Looks freaking great no doubt, by why they dont compare the same scenarios ? Specially the last comparison ? A huge night city in the horizon compared with a few meters dusty fog alley, hmmm

fr0sty1079d ago

Yeah, all the 2015 footage they showed looks hazy.

d_g1078d ago

Check this comparison

it's better than this video

guyman1079d ago

That quantum break demo absolutely blew me away. Tomb raider looks incredible as well! i was very impressed by what i saw.

TheLoCoRaven1079d ago

If QB and Scalebound end up being true XB1 exclusives and won't be coming to PC, it may be enough to get me to grab one of the XB1 console deals.

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