PlayStation Not Presenting During Gamescom May Have Given Xbox an Edge

Sony gave a pass on doing a PlayStation briefing at Gamescom, which is something Xbox definitely capitalized on. Was it a big mistake?

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xHeavYx1145d ago

Lol, an edge on what? Sony is having it's own show soon.

Relientk771145d ago

These articles are so ridiculous, because Microsoft had a conference at Gamescom, apparently Sony is done for lol

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DeadlyOreo1145d ago

Let the Microsoft fans have their moment though. Things will be pretty silent when TGS & Paris come around.

MrSec841145d ago

It'd make sense if MS had actually bothered to announce any new exclusives for XB1, but no, they just used the same games they announced at E3 last year and also QB, which was announced back in 2013.

Sony announced more at E3 this year, 3 new IPs (Dreams, Horizon and RIGS), all made with gameplay, along with showing that The Last Guardian is also on it's way to PS4 next year.

Sony has Horizon details coming at E3, they have a conference at TGS, Paris Games Week and then another Playstation Experience.

Shu already said he's been playing a load of 1st and 2nd party games behind closed doors, he's just waiting for the right time to announce them.

Sony continues to own the console market!

RosweeSon1145d ago

Yeah I suppose the Playstation experience event of last year that was over an hour of just new games is all forgotten about?! No chance, sure Sony didn't show up, what they gonna retire now?! Doubtful, Microsoft never counteracted Playstation experience of Dec 2014 until the following years E3 don't think Sony will wait until next year before dropping some big announcements they'll just do it in their own pace and in their own time like they've done from day 1 on this system. Interesting to see the next few weeks tho to see what gets announced.

Ezz20131145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

It's like the gaminng media is sooo hurt over the fact the Sony's ps4 is in Beast mod that no other console is even close to it right now
They are trying their best to bring it down.

Now when TGS, PSX, and Paris week come out
The gaming media:

blitz06231145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

gamescom is in Europe which is heavily invested in Sony. Xbox may have gained more buyers, but Sony still has the edge

WowSoChill1145d ago

What a surprise, suddenly not having a conference at one of the biggest Gaming expos in the world is a good thing all of a sudden

Yo Mama1145d ago

Funny. The only way Microsoft can win is when they're the only ones holding a conference.

TFJWM1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

People seem to be forgetting that Sony has THREE more conferences this year, Paris, Tokyo, and their own...while MS is done for the year

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

I'm still trying to figure out why Sony Computer Entertainment "needs to worry" as some of these articles that have been posted seem to say. In Sony's 1st quarter of fiscal year 2015, they sold 2 times the number of consoles as their nearest competitor during the "historically" slow season for video game sales. I wish these authors would take a little more time to "think" about what they're writing because some of these "Uh Oh Sony" articles are composed of nonsense.

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Aceman181145d ago

does the "gaming media" expect the X1 to start selling at the rate the PS4 is selling throughout Europe just because Sony decided not to do a damn presser?

all i can do is smdh at that notion.

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Aceman181145d ago


i'll give that it won't and they'll keep trying but the "media" needs to stop with this crap already it's old and boring as hell.

personally ill buy the system next year when Quantum Break drops it's really the only must have game i want on the system. then i can just pick up

sunset overdrive (because i love IG)
scalebound (looks really cool)
Crackdown (because i absolutely love the first one, not that piece of crap they tried passing off as part 2)

Jughead34161145d ago

This is probably what Microsoft was thinking. They even had the whole "Jump Ahead" commercial before the press conference. They're definitely on their game right now. But it's not like Sony doesn't have anything going. I doubt this conference alone is going to make that much of a difference at all. Sony's going to have to screw up in a major way for XBOX to catch up.

MrSec841145d ago

I can't agree with the comment of MS "being on their game".
They showed games that were announced at E3 last year and also QB which has been delayed repeatedly.
All of the gameplay they showed looked very boring and the conference presenters stuttered a tonne on stage.
MS didn't announce any new exclusives for XB1 at Gamescom, it was basically E3 2014 mark 2, minus Phantom Dust.

IMO MS should have canceled their conference at last E3 and rolled everything into e3 this year, but then it would have shown that they didn't really have much in development for the platform.

Hell Phil has been in charge of the XB1 games and 360 for some time now, it's been his job to make sure MS has a good exclusive line-up for their platforms for years, but still they keep falling short in that department and people wonder why XB1 continues to be way behind PS4 in not only sales, but also mind share of the console market.

2016 should hopefully be a better year if these games that are promised actually make it out, but I wouldn't be shocked if a number of them get delayed.

MS needs to learn how to be on their game, get their cards in order and actually try to make titles that look appealing and fun, I've not seen that at Gamescom this year and E3 was pretty uninspiring for MS as well on the exclusives front for XB1, I mean Recore was the only one and it didn't a second of actual gameplay shown.

joab7771145d ago

True. And I'm not sure ot did anything more than reinforce their 2015 lineup, which is an advantage for sure.

I'm thinking Sony wanted to present closer to the fall and further from E3.

iceman061145d ago

That seems to be the approaches of the two companies in terms of conferences. MS is reinforcing what it has coming for this year. While Sony, on the other hand, seems more about looking further into the future. (at least with most 1st party content)
I guess both are exciting their base in different ways.

jonboi241145d ago

Lol Sony has Paris Game Week, TGS and maybe PSX and MS has nothing left till next E3. Sony still has the the most booths Gamescoo so Sony is still ok.

showtimefolks1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

not sure but people need to realize Sony still has the biggest floors pace at gamescom and the most booths along with the most visitors yearly

I am kind of glad they didnt have a conference , I want them to save some huge surprises for Playstation event. I am sure tgs will be huge for them this year

more info on ff15
more info on kingdom Hearts 3
more info on ff7
the last guardian
showing game play demo of dark souls 3

Playstation event

god of war 4
possibly horizon demo
more info on some of the sony's studios

Sony expects to sell 36.3 million ps4 by March 2016. that's 9 months. right now they just announced 25.3 million console sales, so they expect to sell 11 million ps4 in 9 months

I am sure they have a plan

if Sony skipping gamesCom means Xbox one will start selling at the rate of ps4 than I am sorry that's over expecting. Xbox one will do well but right now ps4 is just in a different league

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Perjoss1145d ago

I dunno man, the most impressive thing shown was Dark Souls 3, and its not even an exclusive. They just need to be better.

Ezz20131145d ago

Same thing here

Can't wait for Dark Souls 3.

Lukejrl1145d ago

Maybe an edge to hold on to before Sony stomps on them and sends Microsoft falling to its doom?

just kidding I am really interested in Microsoft's line up. I am disappointed in Quantum Break though, seems to be more action oriented than I expected, but oh well probably be great.

JohnRambo3921145d ago

Called the trying to keep up with the Xbox show.

ocelot071145d ago

Expect a statement from Microsoft next month celebrating how they where the top selling console on the 4th August 2015.

iTechHeads1145d ago

Some people see lots of Xbox articles being written but a lot less Playstation ones on days like yesterday where Microsoft made lots of announcements while Sony stayed mum and take that as some sort of "Xbox is making a comeback'. Don't get me wrong they had a decent showing yesterday but Sony has their own this December with the Playstation Experience and I'm sure this site will write the same story then :)

I say that's a ridiculous way to judge who is "on the edge" based on the amount of articles written for a certain console that day or week.

Did Microsoft win Gamescom? DEFINITELY! It was no contest since Sony was a no-show.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1145d ago

Obviously. That's what happens when the competitor doesn't compete. Sony still has TGS, PSX, and that Paris week, which supposedly was the reason they skipped Gamescom. Then depending of what Sony does, they will have the edge

DonkeyDoner1145d ago

when xbox skip TGS no one bats an eye
when sony skip gamescome everyone gone crazy think they're done
lol delusional fanboy and stupid article everywhere
the good gamescom news for me just scalebound and more games for PC,slowly xbox one starting to become low budget PC

Ezz20131145d ago

That's because logic doesn't work with fanboys.

gangsta_red1145d ago

That's because last time MS was at TGS it was a ghost town.

It's no secret that MS's Xbox is a failure in Japan. What would be the point of them being at TGS when they have nothing of interest for japan?

Wouldn't that be a more logical reason then the "delusional fanboy" excuse?

How very true ;)

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kenshiro1001145d ago

Well, you's that gameplay logic at work./s

iTechHeads1145d ago

Dat Scalebound looked amazing though. That's my type of game as someone who used to love Japanese culture/anime and has moved on to stuff like Call Of Duty over the years.....a game like Scalebound by a talented Japanese dev made to appeal to a western(or dudebro call it whatever) gamer like me is always appreciated.

Hopefully MS/Platinum put a good amount of marketing push behind Scalebound though. I mean it has DRAGONS! Easy to market.

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Lucreto1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

Didn't see these articles when Microsoft never attended any Gamescom.

Seriously these articles need to stop, there was nothing in the conference that would give them the upper hand especially in Europe where the work needs to focus. It was all 2016 stuff most late 2016 stuff. It you look at the release dates so far nothing in the first 3 months, Quantum Break in April and then nothing again until September when another Forza gets announced.

Paris is at the very end of October, right at the beginning of the Christmas season, what will be announced there will be fresh in the minds of people going into Christmas and GamesCom a distant memory.

Will we see articles about the edge Sony gets so close to Christmas? Probably not.

Sora_19941145d ago

Bet nobody mentions Microsoft not having one at tokyo game show -_-. Its astounding we have tokyo game show and paris game week and potentially psx, meanwhile Microsoft is done for the year with conferences.

BlackTar1871145d ago

not a peep by the US media will be heard.

Xbox didn't do Gamescom a couple time si thought in the past. It was probably the end for them then but then it wasn't................

OB1Biker1145d ago

PSX or a very strong presence at Game Awards like last year is about certain considering the games coming in the Spring.

Why o why1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

look guys, ms need all the help and assistance they can get if they have any real desire to catch the ps4. The western media has a western manufacturer to champion. Developers in the east and their games were often downplayed. It was abundantly clear last gen to the point I consistently referred to the biasses as a 'home team advantage' as most of the gaming media that I had access to were from the west. Human nature. The double standards will continue. Try not to let it irk you

starchild1145d ago (Edited 1145d ago )

I've always heard GamesCom and E3 were the biggest game shows of the year.

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iTechHeads1145d ago

That's jus the way N4G is though. It can seem that console X has everything going or it one day then console Y seems to be all rage the next. Then fast forward a week or 2 and console X or Y is doomed again. Rinse/Repeat.

Brush it off and just be reasonable and point of the flaws of the articles. I'll bubble you up.

NeverHeavyMan1145d ago

I'd say it was a slow news day, but nah. Gamescom is here. That said, when these "article writers" come join us back down on Earth, maybe these pieces will be fun to read again. A conference suddenly gives a competitor the edge? I've seen it all.....I think.

blackblades1145d ago

Na from what I read they didn't announce anything new just showed games that's already been announced and shown before. It was good that sony didn't waste anything for a conference if they weren't going to announce anything. Next month reveals at TGS, more reveals at Paris and even more at experience it's all good. An edge don't be silly.