The Biggest announcements from the Xbox Gamescom 2015 Briefing

The scene was set Sony were nowhere to be seen how were Microsoft and the Xbox team going to take advantage of this and deliver a stellar performance this winter and beyond into 2016. Its the biggest lineup in Xbox History but lets take a look at what we believe were the biggest announcements from the Xbox Gamescom 2015 Briefing.

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dodgeuk191148d ago

Was disappointed by the Gamescom announcements really. Can't wait for November now tho windows 10 on xbox one :)

dodgeuk191148d ago

Yea don't get me wrong I enjoyed some of the games but nothing really blew me away

StrayaKNT1148d ago

Disappointed? Gamescom blew us away. Quantum break, crackdown and scalebound all looked breathtaking. Halo wars 2 is another megaton to add to the already huge list of games coming next year. If you were disappointed then nothing and no event in history will ever make you happy.

KiwiViper851148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

I agree with him. (not dissapointed, just meh...)

I think one more game announcement would've put them over the edge, even a CGI teaser for a 2017 game.

Just to prove they are thinking about the future further than 2016. Scalebound and Crackdown were both revealed E3 2014, Quantum Break was 2013.

jb2271148d ago

That's a bit of hyperbole, both in saying that the Xbox Gamescom 2015 is the greatest event in the history of gaming, and saying that an RTS that was already hinted at and strongly rumored can be considered a "megaton".

I'd have liked to see a lot more of Quantum Break aside from a 2 minute trailer, and the RotTR demo was pretty similar to everything else we saw in the original & what we saw in the extended e3 demo. Scalebound was the crown jewel of the whole piece but there wasn't a whole heap of other stuff on offer, and even less brand new unknown content. It was a solid conference but far from the greatest gaming event in history.

Majin-vegeta1148d ago

Or maybe he was dissapointed that the fact everything they showed aside from H:W2 we had already known about.Did that idea ever occur to you?

tinynuggins1148d ago

@ kiwi
Do you really want to hear about 2017 games though when you have 2015 and 2016 pretty laid out? Why stop there? Why not 2018-2019? My personal opinion is if it's not coming out within 1.5-2 years I don't want to know about it. But again, that's my preference.

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Spudinator2171148d ago

The only disappointment was that there was no ReCore,apart from that it was a good show, Quantum break keeps getting better and Scalebound was probably the best game of the show imo.
So what did you like and dislike?

BillytheBarbarian1148d ago

This is the first time I feel like were seeing games that aren't possible on last generation. All I can say is that it's about damn time.

Meltic1148d ago

scalebound hype !! looks like pokemon with devil may cry

dodgeuk191147d ago

I think I just high expectations after e3 that's all. Don't get me wrong it was good to see more of the games announced at e3 I just thought they would have a big surprise up their sleeve that's all

LastNewtStandin1147d ago

I know what you mean Dodge, I think the surprises were the little things like 4 player co op for scalebound and games with gold always being back compat etc.

Would have been nice to see a huge new game reveal other than Halo wars 2 but honestly, Any more big games and I'd have to consider crime to pay for even half of whats coming.

ukchi3f1147d ago

Halo Wars 2 was enough to satisfy me and some nice footage of titles we already expected but the additional updates for Windows and the console including hardware are just another push in the right direction from Microsoft

LastNewtStandin1147d ago

Thought you might like that reveal when I saw it :)

Also getting a bit more excited for Forza 6 now, It wen't from a NOPE you screwed me with FM5 to a Hmmm Maybe Turn10 might just get this right after all.

Time will tell.

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