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Galak-Z is an immersive, challenging, perpetually enthralling experience and easily one of the best games on PS4.

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863d ago
danowat863d ago

It's a cracking game, learning curve is steep, and it's rock hard, but well worth persevering with.

tulholdren863d ago

Sweet ready to go to work on this game.

someOnecalled863d ago

the hyped died with this game when a certain group realized this game isnt exclusive. but that happens with most exclusives

goathouse774859d ago

I cannot stress how awesome this game is. A cut above the typical indie level production and one of elite PS4 games, no question about it. It's like coming back from the future to unearth a legendary cult shmup and, for once, it's better than your fanatical dreams could ever conjure. Particularly, the mechanics of combat are beyond sophisticated for this genre and the challenge of bringing it all under your thumb is delicious. Don't. Sit. On. This.