Destructoid founder bans rape jokes, closes forums

Destructoid has been in the news off and on throughout the past year and not always for the most flattering of reasons.

The founder closed the forum completely after he rebranded them previously as "OuterHeaven" forums and tried to make them not completely related to destructoid anymore. This resulted in multiple bans of admins and normal members, and finally in closing the forums today.

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Nonscpo1143d ago (Edited 1143d ago )

“I get that forums are a place where people go to vent and shit sometimes, but I do not need that from our own mods.”

Seems like he's more pissed that it was a mod that instigated the situation, than anything else!

Hoffmann1143d ago

2 mods were banned, at least 2 more left or at least want to take a break, another one lost his mod rights today.

smashman981143d ago

These destructoid people are always taking things up the ass, nonconsentually of course

1143d ago