Gamers Have Played 2 Billion Hours of Destiny

Destiny players have played the game for over two billion hours total since launch.

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TwoForce1079d ago

Gonna be honest. I'm the one who still playing Destiny. I do like Destiny to be honest. It's just my opinion.

Brotard1079d ago

Yep. I don't really understand what the backlash is, the launch wasn't the best, but house of wolves helps incredibly. You have to find the right people to play with as well. I also can't wait for taken king!

gamer91079d ago

The backlash is quite simply that they stripped 3/4 of the game at launch because they have to stretch their ideas over a 10 year plan. Where’s the story, the grimoire, raid matchmaking, and the full content. There’s still simply not enough to do in this game inbetween the raids (the only great content). I’d like to play again but I’ll wait for the full game.

Brotard1079d ago

When people say they stripped the game to me it sounds ridiculous. Its like seeing a large tower with every window, its like saying because the outside is done that everything on the inside is done guaranteed. Imagine a school that had the outside done, send the kids in because its done, they don't need desks drinking fountains, bathrooms, a complete gym, theater, cafeteria etc.

3-4-51079d ago

* Destiny in terms of controls a fluidity of movement is far beyond most games...In that sense they nailed it 100%.

They story is one of the worst ever though so I want to care about this world but I don't.

Still interested to see what else Destiny has to offer though.

I play for 2-3 weeks...stop...pick it back up about 2-3 months later for a week or so....rinse repeat.

It's good enough for me.

JWiLL5521079d ago

They've acknowledged that the story sucked in the original release.

They're actually changing how the entire campaign flows mission wise + added dialogue from Nolan North's ghost to missions that explains more. Sounds like a smart thing to do for new players who pick it up this fall.

They seem to have learned from their mistakes, I expect the campaign in the expansion will be far closer to Halo missions than Destiny.

JeffGUNZ1079d ago

...and still players have no idea what the flying hell the story is about.

jts18911079d ago

Not really. Destiny's story is pretty clear. It was just weak.

JeffGUNZ1079d ago

It is missing a lot of gaps. No real heavy backdrop. Sure, the plot is there, barely, but filling in the blanks would have been lovely.

JWiLL5521079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

Creative lead on the new expansion admitted as much in his interview with Gameinformer.

Also said that "they actually have a story this time". Pretty funny stuff.

JeffGUNZ1078d ago

haha that's great. I read a while back that their were tons of internal issues and the story was much more indepth. I heard that the internal issues made some leave and they needed to basically rush and put something together.

this is one article that just touches the surface but I can't find the other one I read months back.

OhMyGandhi1079d ago

I'm responsible for exactly 10 hours of that 2 billion. While the game is fine and dandy for so many people, it was not what I was expecting, and therefore suited my interest for less then a dozen hours. I wanted, no, craved a game that combined the shooting mechanics of Halo with the exploration and co-op experience of Borderlands, and got something else entirely.

But good on Destiny for doing as well as its doing!

JWiLL5521079d ago

Shooting and movement mechanics feel better than Halo to me.

But yeah, the NPC interaction and looting in Borderlands is on another level.

I've said it before but if you could get Destiny's gunplay and movement into Borderlands you'd have the ultimate FPS.

mochachino1079d ago

I played about 200 before I sold it. Cant say I loved it. Obviously didn't hate it. I had fun at times butbit was mostly a love hate relationship.

Latest DLC made me realize I need to end the relationship for good.

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