World of Warcraft monthly subscribers fall to 5.6M, its lowest level since 2005

Blizzard is getting ready to announce some major new content for World of Warcraft later this week, and it seems clear now that the publisher is trying to get lapsed players back.

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Dan_scruggs1054d ago

Oh no. Now they will have to settle for being the biggest MMO in the world by a little less than a mile.

Kurisu1054d ago

Yeah I'm no WoW player, but that's an impressive number of subscriptions for such an old game.

OhMyGandhi1054d ago

we really need to commend Blizzard on their commitment to a product. A whole decade. Never played the game, but I am weirdly happy that they still know a thing or two about making a good online experience.

Myst-Vearn1054d ago

I am surprised millions still play this.

bananaboats1054d ago

no surprise at all. Blizzard made THE best MMO ever.

Summons751054d ago

correction, it was the best for it's time....which back then wasn't saying much since MMOs were still an untapped genre and most were terrible. Today there are many that run circles around WoW...this slow death has been a long time coming.

Dasteru1054d ago

Even when it first came out it wasn't the best. Everquest was far better. The reason WoW is so successful is because most people are too stupid to figure out a proper MMO. They like the casual hand holding that WoW provides.

Raf1k11054d ago

The thing that keeps me still playing though is the story and the lore behind it all. While the game's mechanics are outdated the delivery of the story itself and everything that holds it together keeps the whole thing interesting.

While I enjoy playing other MMOs they always fall short in terms of story.

Having said all that, Blizzard screwed up big with the latest expansion. The next expansion may well be the death of the game. We'll just have to see what they announce this week.

MaximusTKG1054d ago

Ffxiv is a much more solid game. With a current Gen graphics engine to boot.

Neixus1054d ago

except it has no PvP, but i'd say the PvE is much more enjoyable than WoW

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1054d ago


Not sure where you got that. Ff14 does have pvp.

Magicite1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

Yes but it lacks a lot of features and combat is kinda meh, and Im huge FF fan.
But if any MMO can replace WOW in future, then its FF14.

Magicite1054d ago

I play it, but its not as captivating as before, still theres no better MMO in terms of gameplay and Ive played all of the biggest.

Magicite1054d ago

Ive already spent over 8k hours on this game and still consider it best MMO and really fun, but it starts to drag on a lot lately.

Ashlen1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

How the mighty have fallen.

I blame it on there own lack of content updates.

They were making so much money yet (I'm sure in no small part due to Bobby Kotick) they did the bare minimum of new content additions compared to games that make fractions of the income.

And they raised the price and I know that numbers really started falling around then. I assume lots of people who had accounts they never played finally decided to cancel when that happened.

Welp, I guess that Bobby Kotick mantra of making the cheapest possible game and charging the most possible backfires sometimes.

Agent_00_Revan1054d ago

"How the mighty have fallen."

O.o ?!?
This game has been out for 10 freaking years and 5+ million people STILL play this, and pay to do so!!

It's the best run of any MMO ever, and its made so much money of the subs alone, you could fill a swimming pool with the cash. And I'm sure Kotick did at one point.

"Welp, I guess that Bobby Kotick mantra of making the cheapest possible game and charging the most possible backfires sometimes."

Yep, sure did. Only took it 10 years to catch up with it. :/

Ashlen1054d ago (Edited 1054d ago )

With better content updates and graphical update keeping the game fresh and not raising prices they could have kept the player base much higher or even raised it.

In fact if you look at the graphs before the price raise which was about a year ago they had over 9 million users. So basically they have lost about 40% in about a year.

lemoncake1054d ago

Seems to be reaching that point where they need to be seriously considering a WOW 2 with some system to move everyone across.

Raf1k11054d ago

I'd like that but unfortunately the only other MMO they were working on got cancelled.

I'm afraid we're stuck with what we have. We can only hope things improve with the next expansion but we've been saying that 2 expansions in a row now.

DanielGearSolid1054d ago

No way wow 2 is gonna be a hit.

If isnt action combat the younger crowd wont care for it.

If it isnt the traditional combat the old-school players wont care for it

If old school players have to start from scratch after putting yrs in. They won't care for it

Im sure there alot of other reasons

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