Denis Dyack Talks Too Human With A Pair Of Penthouse Pets

The man behind Too Human, Denis Dyack, gets into bed with a pair of Penthouse Pets to talk about his new title, why he picked Norse mythology, and uses phrases like "upgraded body parts" without breaking eye contact.

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Dlacy13g3494d ago

You gained respect from me in this interview. How you managed to stay focused in that setting...well lets just say I am a lesser man because I would have failed to stay on point.

Too Human ftw!

SCFreelancer3494d ago

He was a bit more nervous then most game devs, but I guess we can't blame him :) I wonder if this scares game devs or attracts them like flies..

-EvoAnubis-3493d ago

He HAD to be thinking the entire time, "Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact...."

I give the man serious props.

juuken3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )



The accounts have been used a lot here, haven't they?

Mods, I think you know what to do with this fake account below me.

@ Gameon...dude. Fake account posing as me here? o_o

3493d ago
TheDeadMetalhead3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Another User Account dedicated to trashing Juuken!!?



Nobody loves you, fake Juuken! Isn't there a way to cut this jackass off completely!? This is really starting to annoy the s#!t out of me!! >:(

@evoanubis there's NO WAY I could've maintained eye contact like this guy did! I hate the 360 and everything it stands for. But still...


@IceWake - Dude, I was talking about the mock User account above me, not the article. I guess I should have made that more clear. Sorry! Editing! And how would you know if someone was holding a gun to my head or not? Are you stalking me?

iceice1233493d ago

Nobody is holding a gun to your head and making you check these articles out. Stop complaining, you're the annoying one.

GameOn3493d ago

errr whats got into you juuken?

BattleAxe3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Thats what it would look like if he were out on a date with some chick. I feel sorry for all the ladies who have had to sit through that. lmao

Tmac3493d ago

Fake tits are gross.

NegativeCreepWA3493d ago

your talking about gross, yet you have an Old E pic.

Tmac3493d ago

C'mon Scar, everyone here knows you don't even know what it is, and who the hell calls it Old E? LOL It's called an OE son.

xm15e2s3493d ago

Denis Dyack is a cool dude.

joemayo763493d ago

hmmm.... i think Dyack just lost credibility by choosing to do this in front of penthouse "pets", im guessing this is an attempt to get shallow peoples attention in his game by having them click the link cuz it has to chicks in it.

Too Human has some great potential, but don't developers realize the whole joystick used to do moves in action games just doesn't work too good....

deeznuts3493d ago

Who was that? And what was he babbling on about???

Anyways, who was the blond chick on the left, she was bangin!

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SCFreelancer3494d ago

What can I say... Can it be more obvious that sex sells? Its a positive format so I like it :)

UltimaEnder3493d ago

There is something that makes this guy more interesting.....maybe it's the hot chicks wearing barely any clothes!

s8273493d ago

Dyack was a genuinely interesting character to interview. He's got a lot of really cool ideas/philosophies and does a lot to apply them to his games.

kazuma3493d ago

desperate times call for drastic measures

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