Destiny, The Taken King Changes

According to a September Game Informer Issue there has been new information on Destinys new expansion The Taken King.

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joab7771079d ago

I'm speechless right now. These changes will make the game fall in line w other mmo's and set the stage for future expansions and dlc. THIS is exactly what it should have been from the beginning.

Seriously, assuming many havnt written this off entirely, especially w/ all the added competition, this could be the beginning of a phenomenal 10 yrs. There is NO reason for a sequel unless too many ppl refuse to give it another go.

The help from mmo vets is paying off. Now, we need a chat box, guilds, and social activities as time goes speeder races and customization. Actually, more customization all around.

DJ1079d ago

So the first 12 months people were paying $100 to beta test the game until the real campaign came out?

FaintlyThere1079d ago

I feel as though after 10 years of development and countless money spent on this game, Destiny still has a lot of kinks to work out.