The Xbox One Just Made a Mockery Out Of Nintendo's Virtual Console

Thanks to the release of Rare Replay today, Xbox One owners will now be able to play seven Nintendo 64 classics on Microsoft’s console. Nintendo’s current console, the Wii U, only sells people the chance to play six.

While there is an asterisk to this—Wii U owners can buy and play 15 more N64 games through the Wii U’s last-gen “Wii Mode”—this is another sad indictment of Nintendo’s paltry support for its incredible back catalog.

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PhoenixUp1022d ago

PS1 Classics have been putting N64 VC titles to shame since 2006. Not only are PS1 Classics offered usually offered for a cheaper asking price than even some SNES VC titles, they also have cross-buy across PSP, PS3, and Vita as well as weekly discounts.

Rare Replay further puts salt in Virtual Console's wounds by ironically offering more N64 titles on Xbox One than the ones offered natively on Wii U.

INTOmyMOUTH1022d ago

Rare ain't gonna be square.

BillytheBarbarian1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

I'll take N64 and SNES games over PSone games all day.

Trolltroll1022d ago

Im not calling anyone a winner here. But there are a S ton of great ps1 classics. I would give sony more points for it if they got rid of their convoluted download limit. I lost over ten games from my ps3 and psp days to the limit.

OhMyGandhi1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )


why do you have to choose? oooh! it's because your a fanboy. I see!

BillytheBarbarian1022d ago

It's a simple thing. I still play Mario 64, Zelda OoT, Fzero 64, WWF No Mercy, Mario Kart, etc...

I just look at the PSone games and they just haven't aged all that well. Tekken, MGS, FFVII, GT, just those early 32bit console games don't hold up too well. The Resident Evils were redone on Dreamcast and Gamecube so I'd play those versions if I really wanted to or download the XBLA ones.

The 2-D fighters and Lunar games were still decent and stand the test of time simply because most sprite games do.

Just sayin'. I'm a Sega/2k fanboy. That's about it.

pivotplease1022d ago

What download limit? I haven't heard of that. You have certain .Activated devices and that's all there is to it. I thought the downloads were unlimited. I know a few games I've downloaded as many as five times and on different systems too.

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Concertoine1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

Only thing the other consoles have them beat at is price. On my wii u i can play:

Commodore 64
Master System
Turbo Grafx 16

If you aren't scared to mod, you can add a lot of Gamecube games too.

WildArmed1022d ago

yeah! My (modded) Wii plays all of them too <3

Well except DS (i think?) and Wii U (obviously).

Does it play DS? o.o

Concertoine1022d ago


Wii U has DS games for sale on the eshop.

pivotplease1022d ago

N64 lineup is still pretty sad imo. Sure there's Wii mode but that requires you to buy a whole other controller unless you happened to have a Wii with the classic controller already (who would? Imo Wii was casual and Wii u is really damn core like the GameCube).

Concertoine1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )


It is sad, true.

But i expect less than 5% of wii u owners to have not owned a wii prior. Almost all wii u owners are just hardcore nintendo fans, with a minority of casuals. Both groups largely had a wii.

Now they're kind of expensive but around wii u's launch i could get classic controllers out of the clearance bin in gamestop for like 5-10 bucks. There's some perfectly good third party ones too. You're really missing out if you haven't played some of the wii's hidden gems, dude. Like really, it wasn't the best console, but it had some damn good games.

jrshankill1021d ago

My Raspberry Pi can play 9 of those 11 systems.. plus PS1 games.

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jcnba281022d ago

SNES titles are way bigger classics than PS1 games. Of course they are going to be more expensive.

Picnic1022d ago

PS1 games generally look underwhelming as 3D games these days, that's why they're cheap. Whereas SNES games can still look pretty good as 2D games.

Big_Game_Hunters1022d ago

PC emulators already made all three look like jokes a long time ago.

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Software_Lover1022d ago

"Rare Replay further puts salt in Virtual Console's wounds by ironically offering more N64 titles on Xbox One than the ones offered natively on Wii U."

............ That's just sad.

Bathyj1022d ago

Hey at least its now possible to play a really great Rare game on an Xbox. Thats long overdue in my book.

Naga1022d ago

Hey, Killer Instinct has been there for a while (both original and reboot)

Mr Marvel1022d ago

Killer Instinct is garbage.

It has never been even half decent, especially when compared to the competition (Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, etc)

4Sh0w1022d ago

"Killer Instinct is garbage"

-uhm, OK....your opinion, which tells me we are definitely very different type gamers because I have the new MKX and its good but X1s Killer Instinct is pure fighting goodness goes, fast, furious, tight gaming gimmicks, just COMBO beat downs & superb net code.

Rookie_Monster1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

Mr Marvel,

You are on some heavy med. KI is one of the fresher, balance, unique fighters with the best net code of any fighting games in recent memory. Please try to play it before commenting.

1022d ago
pivotplease1022d ago

It seems like some kind of nostalgia-esque attachment more than anything else. There's a reason the reviews and the sales aren't saying it's the best. Though to each their own. I just wouldn't ever put it at the top of Rare's impeccable backlog. Not even in the top 10.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1022d ago (Edited 1022d ago )

And while the fanboys gloat, they fail to realize that there's more to N64 games than just Rare's titles.
Plus, Micro is still way behind the ball on native BC, even though I applaude their recent efforts.
And Sony just needs to stop the whole PSNow nonsense and use actual BC.

n4rc1022d ago

What do you mean "way behind"?

Behind who exactly? And in any case, native BC isn't going to happen..ever.. For either..

True native BC would require a 360 (or a ps3 in Sony's case) soc built into the new console..

MSBAUSTX1022d ago


Nintendo's BC on the Wii is native and doesnt require any special waiting period for developer agreements. Wii U essentially launched with hundreds of playable games.

n4rc1022d ago

well fair enough.. havent followed nintendo since the 64.. lol

but wii u (after verifying lol) does indeed include custom hardware just for wii games..

you run a soc (system on chip) which is the entire last gen console on a single chip.. its expensive and it seems both sony and ms have moved away from wanting to do that again.. but thats how you get true native BC

so it wont be happening for ps4 or x1.. emulation in software is the only route besides streaming the game from the actual hardware like psnow does

lemoncake1022d ago

And then when u compare the price it's even more shocking.

WildArmed1022d ago

Wait, so a company that has supported BC for almost all of its home console releases should be ashamed?? Ahh ok

Mr Marvel1022d ago

Apart from Donkey Kong Country and Goldeneye, all Rare games suck ass anyway.

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WeAreLegion1022d ago

Ok. You're clearly in a bad place right now. You need to go cool off and get back to us when you feel better.

N0TaB0T1022d ago

Your first game you ever played in your life was probably Call of Duty.

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