Microsoft Says New Xbox One Chatpad, LE Controllers "Will Take Your Gaming to the Next Level"

Microsoft unveiled the new peripherals at gamescom, saying they will be available for purchase in the Fall

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generalwinter1113d ago

Yeah the Xbox finally has a keyboard!

gangsta_red1113d ago

"Will Take Your Gaming to the Next Level"

Ha...sure it will. But it will be nice to have. Typing on the X1 is a burden.

HammockGames1113d ago

Using the pad, yeah, painstaking.

Have you tried messaging with the xb1 smartglass app? I've gotten fairly comfortable using it.

Still, I do like the 360 chatpad. May end up getting this...

0to1001113d ago

i was using smartglass on my iphone for messaging as the x1 dash is too slow at times.

also it's not as smooth as xbox 360 to access friends & recent players,

hopefully win10 will change all this & then this chatpad will be useful for all my trolling needs

NukaCola1113d ago

I have never used smartglass but the PS App works really well with PS4 chatting with friends.

rdgneoz31113d ago

That or you just plug in a keyboard and chat easily.

ninjahunter1113d ago

Call your opponent a 12 year old girl at TWICE THE SPEED!

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