Sony Breathe Sigh of Relief At Gamescom

Katie Joell from Gamerscore Shores writes "but feel somewhat underwhelmed by Microsoft’s conference today at Gamescom. They were right to re-in force the games that they will be bringing out in 2015 and they spent plenty of time doing just that. But what was lacking from Microsoft was another golden egg type of announcement like the backwards compatibility announcement they did at E3. Perhaps it is disingenuous of me to be expecting so much in so little time, but how other way can you expect Microsoft to claw back the damage of Don Mattrick’s abysmal Xbox One hardware announcement shambles."

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TheGreatGamer1147d ago

'Sony Breathe Sigh of Relief At Gamescom' so you've got in touch with all the Sony big guys (Shu, Boyes etc.) and they've told you that they gave a 'sigh of relief'? No. Flamebait article with a sensationalist article but I will not be clicking and giving your site any traffic.

Christopher1147d ago

But you will increase the heat of the article and thereby increase the chances that more people do click it by commenting at all rather than just ignoring it...

StifflerK1147d ago

I thought it was great, not as good as E3 but still enjoyable.

QB, Scalebound and Crackdown (100% destructible city!!!) looked amazing, and Halo Wars 2!

Plus I'm glad KI Season 3 is happening, with a nice surprise - Rash from the Battletoads.

Backwards compatibility seems to be getting a lot of support - and I guess the 'buy the X1 game get the X360 games free' is going to become a regular thing - which is great value for gamers.

I_am_Batman1147d ago

I liked it as well. The conference was everything I expected it to be. Scalebound and QB looked awesome. Crackdown isn't really my cup of tea but I guess a lot of people will like it.

I honestly didn't expect any major new game announcements at all so the fact that they announced Halo Wars 2 is a pretty big deal imo. Also crossbuy between Xbox One and Windows 10 is nice.

Yi-Long1147d ago

Scalebound looks great, but personally it would only convince me to buy an XBO if it offers the option for the Japanese voices.

Other than that, there wasn't much that excited me. Dark Souls 3 and Tomb Raider 2 look nice, but those will be out on PS4 as well... Also, Tomb Raider 2 looked censored, as in no blood, although perhaps that was just for the demo. Disappointing.

Rimeskeem1147d ago

Scalebound looks fine and I personally dont care about RTS on console but I'm definitely excited for QB.

Gority1147d ago

But the RTS is also on PC ;-)

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Farmassy1147d ago

They announced a week or two before the show that Sea of Thieves wouldn't be there.

I for one am happy that some xbox games will be available on PC. I don't know why some people would get defensive about it.

I will say that you shouldn't write off RTS on console. Halo Wars did a great job on console. Other games such as command and conquer have also done it relatively well. I feel like kinect could be helpful with the RTS genre

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Gority1146d ago


Well he isn't wrong. Rimeskeem said he wasn't interested in it because it was an RTS on a console and I happily pointed out that it was also on PC with no negativity about that because I think it's great. More people disagree than agree.

@n4rc Who downplayed anything though? Just stating an additional way to play the game.

n4rc1146d ago


Replied to dude above that claimed Xbox owners get defensive when someone brings up games going to PC.. He knew what I was talking about lol

Gority1146d ago


Fair enough! This is getting ridiculous with all those posts getting hidden.

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