Sierra: Ghostbusters 'absolutely not cancelled'

Yesterday's news that Activision Blizzard was only holding onto a select few Vivendi/Sierra properties going forward didn't look good for those awaiting the seemingly triumphant return of Ghostbusters. We contacted Sierra about the game's absence from Blizzavision's "to keep" list, and whether said omission spelled doom for the Ecto-1 crew. Good news, everyone: the game's not giving up the ghost.

A spokesperson for Sierra confirmed that, "First and foremost, the game is absolutely not canceled." But does it have a publisher? "[Sierra] is reviewing its options regarding those titles that it will not be publishing," we were told.

While not explicitly stated, it definitely sounds like Sierra has begun the process of shopping its remaining titles around to other publishers. These include Double Fine's hotly anticipated heavy metal adventure Brütal Legend. We're still awaiting word on its fate, but can't imagine Tim Schafer and crew letting a little publisher scuffle stop the rock.

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chaosatom3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

so it's just being made by other developer *cough* EA *cough*.

Patrick3639d ago

I didnt think they would cancel that game and why isnt Sony publishing it, they own the rights dont they.

Arsenic133639d ago

im pretty sure this article wont reach hot news. Even tho the false rumor did.

Avto3639d ago

Well Ghostbusters is sure to get a publisher, but not all of the titles will be so fortunate like Wet I was kind of looking forward to that one.