Crackdown 3 Needs These 6 Upgrades to Really Get Us Excited

Crackdown 3 has been shown off to the public and here's what else it needs to be truly amazing.

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Orejillz1079d ago

After today's showing I am definitely more excited for this game. And it really does need a few of these upgrades so it can really stand out. Hopefully they adjust a few things.

GigawattConduit1079d ago

The climbing needs to be on the top of the list. It was so annoying bouncing off the wall and falling to your death.

Orejillz1079d ago

Yeah just let me run up like Saints Row, or actually climb. Who in their right mind would bounce off a wall repeatedly?

breakpad1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

i generally ask this game really causes excitement to people who awaits to play it?? ...was this game necessary to exist??. So many open-world -in -city games with the exact same objectives and gameplay motives ..IS nt the genre already over saturated ??? ...let alone the visual factor which is totally sub-0 in this game (generic futuristic concepts like they were made by 10years old)

GigawattConduit1079d ago

A ping pong ball with legs, apparently.

AngelicIceDiamond1079d ago

This may sound silly but I'm hoping they're aiming for 60 frames with this game.

GigawattConduit1079d ago

Maybe, but I feel like if they were, they would've boasted about that in this video. Could still happen, though.

Orejillz1079d ago

I'm kind of hoping the same but honestly wouldn't mind 30 frames. Heck Sunset Overdrive was 30 and sub 1080p and it was one of the best looking games in the past 12 montsh so i'm not too worried.

AngelicIceDiamond1079d ago

MS showed off a demo With the cloud power they were able to do multiple destruction scenarios at once with out a single hiccup.

Granted they had nothing else in their exibit. So I'm hoping with Agents vehicles and overall chaos the cloud could keep things stable at 60 frames but just as you said 30 frames locked would make me happy as well.

crazychris41241079d ago

When is twinifinte going to learn that we dont want to click on 6 different slides?

GigawattConduit1079d ago

Then...don't click? *shrug*

crazychris41241079d ago

I dont, im just warning everybody that its twinifinite so expect 6 pages but only a couple sentences per page

gangsta_red1079d ago

Great list, I agree with everything they said. Especially with the city being alive. This open world city needs to be on the same level as GTA or any other game this gen that has an open world.

Also arresting criminals is another great idea for Crackdown and doing this should net you more experience points. This would be a great alternative from just mowing every bad guy down.

GigawattConduit1079d ago

You are a cop, so it'd be great if you actually felt like one instead of a serial killer with a free pass from the government.

Zeref1079d ago

That is literally what crackdown is about... No need to change that.

TheCommentator1079d ago

You're an Agent. A clone who dies, then gets cloned again with implanted memories from the previous one. And can pick up shipping containers, jump hundreds of feet, and surive hitting the Earth at terminal velocity. Not exactly realistic now, is it?

But maybe the game would be better if it played like L.A. Noire so you felt more like a cop? Or rode a bicycle and wrote parking tickets while near the beach? Going back to the office to file paperwork could make things really exciting...

Crackdown needs... more realism... yeah, that's it. /s

Iluvtrim1079d ago

Everybody's a critic now.

Aenea1079d ago

Yeah, am sick of those "xxx needs to do these y things in order to blabla", blech.

Just bloody wait until the game is released and only then complain about stuff if there's something you don't like.

trywizardo1079d ago

I just wish it has realistic graphics , all that destruction and explosions in realistic details @[email protected]

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