How-To: Play PSP Sounds on Computer Speakers


"The PSP's speakers are widely criticized and without headphones for the PSP you will not experience the PSP's sound capabilities, but what if you want to have surround sound for your PSP, what if you want to play your PSP using computer speakers? Well I'm going to show you how.

NOTE: This is not a modification of the PSP and doesn't void your warranty for your PSP. You will not need any removal of your PSP parts, nor do you have to take apart your PSP."

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Tempist3709d ago

Old old news..... nothing special here at all.

Alexander Roy3709d ago

For a moment I thought this was about ripping the system sounds to use them on your PC, or maybe some fancy hardware mod like dual stick PSP, but as soon as I read the first few lines... Oh my.

PPGN3709d ago

Please continue checking back at everyone.

@ Tempist - Sorry if this is old news to you, but to many its not. For example I went through 57 pages on a google search for 3 different searches. ;)

Thanks for the feedback.

Alexander Roy3709d ago

We need a "no advertising" rule on N4G. Seriously, this sh't pops up in the blogs everywhere lately and now in the comments, too.
What is this? A hunt for some easy clicks? Damn, you even just made that account to post your own stuff here. What's next? Ronald McDonald sending in news about how gamers benefit from their food?

And no, I won't check back. A site with a userbase that isn't able to figure out what to do with a headphone jack is nothing I want to be a member of.

Vanka3709d ago

I have been reading n4g for a long time but never felt the need to comment on these boards. I just enjoyed reading the rabid fanboys attacking each other. Until today. This must be the single most stupid piece of "news" i have seen in my entire life. Next time why don't you make a news item about how you turn on your PSP. Or maybe you need to make a 57 page google search first?

iNickk3709d ago

I'm sorry, but this is not difficult to do. It's the same with iPod's..

PPGN3709d ago

Thanks okay if its not difficult for you. Many do not know that you can do this. I did this by request from people at the PSU forums.

Thanks for your feedback.

AuburnTiger3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Then maybe you should have posted this at PSU forums...

macalatus3708d ago


Ask yourself this: Were the PSU Forums just kidding me or not?

The probable answer: Yes, they were just kidding...and you fell for it!

mabreu3709d ago

I've been playing my psp using my 800 watt 5.1 surround sound system since I bought it.

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The story is too old to be commented.