Bling up your Xbox avatar with a free Bing t-shirt

Dealspwn: I remember a friend once saying to me "Bing...the worlds best search engine, if you need to remember Chandler's last name in Friends."

We haven't spoken since.

Fancy blinging that Xbox avatar of yours up? Well you're in luck. Redeeming one of the two codes below on your Xbox Live account will give you this once in a lifetime opportunity to do just that!*

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Erik73571082d ago

I've always wanted did they know....

bunt-custardly1082d ago

Mee too and such a prime time to release this. Screw Google Shirts.

xer01082d ago (Edited 1082d ago )

I'm not sure how to react... LOL?
No - ROFL seems more appropriate! :)

Spartacus101082d ago

Why would you even use bing, let alone promote it for them?

ZaWarudo1082d ago

It's good for porn searches. That's about it.

Angeljuice1082d ago

I'm holding out for the Zune T-shirt.

Kevlar0091082d ago

The Bing rewards program. I used it to get a bunch of free Microsoft points, then to get free skins from League. There's hardly a difference for general searches, and I only go to a few sites anyway. Saved me a ton of money through the years.

TXIDarkAvenger1082d ago

lol I remember getting one of these a long time ago on 360.