Top Ten Best Fourth Entries

SPC writes, "It's August the 4th, so today SuperPhillip Central is getting into the numbered spirit and counting down the best of the best when it comes to fourth entries in gaming franchises. Most game series are lucky to even get a sequel nowadays, so reaching the fourth entry of a franchise is quite special. What's even more special are these ten fourth entries that are the ones that did their respective series the proudest. After you've taken a look at SPC's choices, feel free to contribute your own favorite fourth entries that may have been left off this list."

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SH1ELD1079d ago

Doom 4
Gran Turismo 4
Assassins Creed 4
Virtua Tennis 4
Street Fighter 4
FallOut 4
Resident Evil 4
Silent Hill 4
FIFA 1998

lemoncake1079d ago

Nice list, but FIFA 1998? Isn't that the fifth game in franchise?

ShaunCameron1078d ago (Edited 1078d ago )

I wanted a Super NES the minute one of my elementary schoolmates invited me over to play SMW. It was nothing short of phenomenal. Great call by the author on TMNTIV: Turtles In Time. That's another game I had fond memories of.

1078d ago