Final Fantasy X HD PS4 Patch Will Make Random Battles Random Again

Final Fantasy X|X-2 is going to get a patch that fixes random encounter and music issues.

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Majin-vegeta1108d ago

Sweet this is what kept me from buying it.Now I can get it :D

InTheZoneAC1108d ago

you didn't buy this on the ps3 when it came out?

Magicite1107d ago

I skipped PS3 version and Im glad, now I can enjoy definite edition.

Snookies121108d ago

Oh, was about to ask if they'd fixed the music issues as well. Good to hear they're sorting it out. I'd like a PS4 copy of this game, but considering I still have the limited edition PS3 version... I'll wait a little while on it. Still great news for anyone that doesn't have the last-gen version!

NukaCola1107d ago

Game should have been cross buy.

HeartlessGamer1108d ago

Me and my friend were talking about this yesterday lol

Fullmetalevolust1108d ago

I wish I had waited out, cause I already have it on the Vita, but it was a great sale and I couldnt help it, lol.
Its great to have it on the go :) just plug in my beats and let the soundtrack enchant me.

Randostar1108d ago

YES! This game is perfect now!

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