Top Games from Microsoft’s Gamescom Briefing

Microsoft had a very successful E3 back in June but there were a few key games I was hoping to see that didn’t make the cut — namely Quantum Break, Crackdown 3, and Scalebound. So this morning, gamers sat down with fingers crossed that they would show something, ANYTHING, from any of those games.

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shocked6861105d ago

Really looking forward to Crackdown. That second one was such a disappointment

1105d ago
pelenow1105d ago

It was more like Crackdown 1.5. Super excited for part 3!!

callumjack1105d ago

Damn I'm looking forward to the show parts of Quantum Break, LANCE REDDICK!!!

_-EDMIX-_1105d ago

HALO WARS 2! Such a huge surprise, Halo Wars 1 is such an underrated title and being done by a well respected, great team at Creative Assembly!

Can't wait.

Xbonewone320151105d ago

Quantum Break is goty 2016.

Perjoss1105d ago

You're very good at this, most of us dont even know what goty 2015 is yet...

Xbonewone320151105d ago

Probably Witcher 3 i would say.

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