Peter Molyneux Always up for a Challenge

Peter Molyneux has revealed that Lionhead has another game in the works that apparently came about while they were experimenting with things for Fable 2. He wouldn't get down to specifics, but being that it's Peter Molyneux, Ripten is sure he wanted to talk a big game but some lawyer had his hands on the restraining-bolt controls off camera somewhere.

He did say, however, that he's always looking for a challenge, stating:

"I've always been fascinated by challenges and I've always said to myself 'One day I really should do a sports game', simply because it's such a genre that's locked in stone – we [developers] know how we do sports games and we don't do them any other way, and that is a real challenge to me. Same with things like, you know, driving games."

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Nostradavis3585d ago

Oh that silly Molyneux...

Twizlex3585d ago

I challenge him to make pancakes without using his hands.

Twizlex3585d ago

You know, Peter Molyneux talks a big game, but I generally enjoy what he makes. Some things don't live up to the hype, but I don't think he's ever really made a bad game. I'm interested to see what he comes up with.

Xi3585d ago

Though what he makes I would never consider the "best", he does make very good games. Not only that I don't think i can name one of his games that isn't in someway pushed the envelope.

Black and white had the incredible creature AI, that still stands in the guiness book of records for having the most branching code in a videogame. And Fable provided the first game where a players choices weren't completely predefined, and the first to have them effect not only the player and his appearence but the world as well.

Polluted3585d ago

He's the man. He makes great games, he seems like a nice fellow and best of all, he talks up his games without coming off like a c*cky prick like Jaffe or CliffyB.

Guys I love Jaffe too, but you know it's true.

PwnShop3585d ago

Same, i loved his games. I think the reason why his games are often criticized is because he tries to make interesting, new and never made before games.

Dino3584d ago

He was talking about a hockey game a couple of years back on a g4 show and how he'd like to make one some day.Awesome if it's true.

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Twizlex3585d ago

Shame his games will all be Xbox exclusives.

zo6_lover273585d ago

Maybe not, it would be a surprise

ICUP3585d ago

Wait a little and it WILL be on PC just like most 360 "exclusive".

Twizlex3585d ago

Yeah, it'll probably end up on PC because Microsoft practically owns the PC market also. I just mean that Sony and Nintendo fanboys who refuse to buy a Microsoft product are missing out on some great games.