New Forza 6 Screens Further Detail Night and Rain Modes

EB: Today, during the Gamescom briefing, Microsoft showed off a new gameplay trailer for Forza 6’s rain mode in action, but now you can study the details yourself thanks to a batch of new screenshots.

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christocolus994d ago

Its amazing to see Turn 10 utilizing the X1 hardware so well,but you just watch Playground will beat this with their next game cos with each new title it seems both studios keep trying to outdo themselves. I hope Playgrounds next game is PGR though.

FlexLuger994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

"I hope Playgrounds next game is PGR though."

Man! they could just section off a city in an open world and slap PGR right into the heart of FH3. PGR was a city circuit racer, and all they need to do is build a dense enough city area.

Loving these screens though. looking forward to hitting the nurburgring in the a porsche 911GT3 RS, no less. And Im going to deck it out in team PRC decals from ridge racer type 4.

screw it..time for a forza horizon photo bombing, from my own gallery!

Chasing planes:

cruising the open road with a buddy. in porches. Mines is the red 959, with the sexy livery.
game=fh2&id=5778998&f ull=true

Are you cool enough to roll with the dawgz?


You can tell I have a thing for this car:


You should see what its like when 14 blacked out JDM cars with decepticon logos are cruising through nice, but for now settle for my decepticon :):


such a romantic shot.I just love the lighting.Had to snap it.


Pual walker would have approved :)


christocolus994d ago (Edited 994d ago )




I don't know,but it would be cool to add Remedy and Playground to MGS.

Fin_The_Human994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

Playground is a top class studio...not sure why MS has not purchase them yet or any other first party studio has tried to grab them.

I think after FH3 hits MS will buy them, same goes for Remedy MS will buy them afterQuantum Break.

ABizzel1994d ago

That's because both teams work on each others games, and share tech when it comes to the Forza titles at least.

Smart and saves money and resources.


Can't wait to see Forza Horizon 3!

SuperStatePro994d ago

Playground always beats Turn 10 graphics because they take the T10 engine and halve the frame rate..

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crazychris4124994d ago

This game looks like the 1st true next gen Forza Motorsport title. After playing F5 at my friends house a bunch of times it felt more like Forza 5 Prologue then the next gen Forza we were all hoping for. Tons of cars and tracks, weather system, day/night racing, rebuilt career mode, and a blue limited edition console and controller have me excited for this game.

KiwiViper85994d ago

Ye it was quite obviously rushed to meet launch date. Even so it was a great game. Cant wait for 6

994d ago
Xbonewone32015994d ago

The unrivalled king of the racing genre.

TXIDarkAvenger994d ago

Game is just incredible. Caved in and bought an Xbox One.