More details on new Online Leagues for Forza Motorsport 6

In Forza Motorsport 6‘s showcase during Microsoft’s press conference at gamescom 2015, Turn 10 Studios briefly mentioned the game’s new multiplayer setup. The developer’s website has now offered up a plenty more details on the racer’s ‘Online Leagues’, which intend on separating the real racers from the destruction derby enthusiasts.

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poppinslops1079d ago

Finally, some real incentive to race clean... yeah, rough and tumble racing is fun, but it belongs in Horizon.

Just imagine - 24 people racing like they mean it... I can't wait!

Dlacy13g1079d ago

Yeah...I belong to a community that is into racing big time and we do our own private leagues this will make that work so much easier. Really looking forward to this now.

LifeInNZ1079d ago

I remember the first ever Forza 5 mp race I was winning. I was just coming up to the finish line when i noticed someone had stopped from the lap before and parked just in front of the finish. I tried to swerve but they intentionally moved to block my path...needless to say I struck their vehicle and ended up coming 4th.

They quit before the launch of abuse.

poppinslops1079d ago

Fµ€<ing savages... hopefully, they'll be relegated to 'racing' each-other.

still, you never forget that first win - for me it was the 'Smokey and the Bandit' Pontiac on Nurburgring... fortunately I recorded it, so I can rewatch the clip whenever I'm feeling nostalgic.