Destiny vs. Warframe: What's the Difference?

Zac Davis of Toaster chimp examines some difference between Destiny and Warframe.

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3-4-5863d ago

Two completely different types of games....

This is a dumb article.

justy112864d ago

Warframe is free, can be fun if you have friends to play with, doesn't acquire Playstation plus in order to play online.

objdadon864d ago

Never played warframe, never will. But I have put over 1400 hours in destiny.

wellard864d ago

If you haven't played both then your opinion isn't worth anything. Especially when you try to do it in such a condescending manner. Congrats on running the same levels over and over again for almost 60 days of your life.

objdadon864d ago

Thank you! A game has to be fun as hell to do that!

wellard864d ago

Well, it can be either fun or tap into a part of our gamer brain that shamelessly exploits addiction.

SuperStatePro864d ago

Gran Turismo vs. Mario Kart; What's the difference?

KwietStorm864d ago

The reason you can trade in Warframe is because there's enough artillery and items to justify it.

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