EA says 360 and PS3 Tiger Woods 09 graphics identical

There will be no graphical difference between the 360 and PS3 versions of upcoming EA sports game Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09, EA has confirmed.

Speaking to in an interview published here , EA Tiburon associate producer Greg Rinaldi said that the development team took "great pains" to work on the PS3 version and with Sony this year and that he can't personally tell the difference between the two.

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theKiller3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

same here!

a question to EA: why do u try so hard to downgrade the ps3 version and make identical to 360 version?? we ps3 owners want better since ps3 is proven the more powerful machine and has more than 5 time the capacity of the 360 DVD???? whats ur point in making them identical while u can make the ps3 version much better???

any way i wont buy it even if it was better on ps3!! EA games lacks innovation!! they r doing the same thing over and over just with very few extra features and improved graphics

Drekken3706d ago

See they want you to believe that. But if you pause the game as the golf ball is traveling towards the hole after a putt... you will clearly see that the XBox360 has more grass blades...

/s for all you guys that miss it.

Playstation Man3706d ago

Now THAT is a reason to sell your PS3

And why is this an achievement for crap EA? Honestly, shouldn't the PS3 version look better? Useless fools didn't have a problem last gen making the more powerful XBOX versions look far better than the PS2, excuses.

Gambit073706d ago

Maybe I'll pick this up... haven't played it for a year or two, hope the putting system is improved, god I hated that.

mdefalco253706d ago

After last years disaster lets hope they can make a decent game if that is even possible anymore. Lost a lot of respect for EA after all the garbage they have produced. Remember the headache to just upload your face?