Remember Peter Dinklage in Destiny With These Iconic Lines

Destiny may be leaving Peter Dinklage behind, but we sure won't. A tribute to our faithful Dinklebot.

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Super_Ninja1147d ago

Aww, I liked his voice. It suited the Ghost robot.

OFF TOPIC: Is anybody else getting redirected to blank ad pages when you access N4G? It's really annoying.

GigawattConduit1147d ago

I have nothing against Nolan North, but I do think it was the writing that killed it more than Dinklage himself. The writing was very...not good.

And no, I haven't had that problem since the site fixed its problems. Or most of them.

pivotplease1147d ago

Agreed. Dinklage fit the part pretty well and if I didn't know it was him I was probably unlikely to guess it was him. The writing in general was garbage. They were like here's a story...just kidding. What even happened in Destiny? Something bad almost happens but then it doesn't and then it's back to square one. Not even a memorable character to be seen.

Knushwood Butt1147d ago

Destiny is the first game I 'beat' and didn't even realise it.

GigawattConduit1147d ago

I don't even have time to tell you why I don't have time to tell you the issues I've got with Destiny's writing.

3-4-51147d ago

The story is bland and not exciting at all.

The gameplay of Destiny is fun though.

FullmetalRoyale1147d ago

He's right though. That wizard DID come from the moon, after all.

jmac531147d ago

I was sad when Bungie took that line out of the retail version.

1nsomniac1147d ago

I wonder if they'll decide to sell aditional lines as groundbreaking new DLC?

GigawattConduit1147d ago

They'll charge you $80 to hear the Ghost cough.

pompombrum1147d ago

They'll charge you just to charge you $80 to hear the Ghost cost.

Ozmoses1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

change the voice actor of something completely irrelevant or fix the game??

I guess they chose their priorities...

Glad I got rid of this crap ass game when I did...

It was fun for awhile... Now it's just a chore....

Thank god the real games are about to get released.. MGS V, Fallout 4... Good luck with trying to keep up with the competition

TTK is coming at the worst possible time hahaha

AstroCyborg1147d ago

the games don't need fixed it works fine

Ozmoses1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

considering that Crucible and Trials of Osiris are a lag filled cheat fest I'd say it needs fixing... not to mention the majority of players can't even finish PoE or a Raid without cheesing some section of it...

it's honestly pathetic what's it turned out to be... I mean the same public events in the same areas... the same bounties, the same missions... the endless grind for weapons and gear that are useless because OP'd weapons and gear dominate the community...

there is absolutely no variety... 1 out of 4 players use the same exact weapons, the same exact gear... hell even the same emblems and shaders...

A game like this needs variety.... REALLY REALLY BAD... they should have taken a cue from Borderlands on the Weapons/Gear because it just isn't cutting it.

unlike some people that comment I've actually played the game and put plenty of hours into it...

I stand by my comments... Destiny is treading water at best...

It's going to need A LOT more than a $40 DLC to save it.

AstroCyborg1147d ago

so your complaining because they did loot their own way instead of stealing it from another game

Ozmoses1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

no no you're not hearing me...

there is no variety in the weaponry used...

that means everyone uses the same exact shit...

it's like a world where everyone is exactly the same... shit gets old REALLY quick...

the mention of Borderlands is because they have TONS of CHOICES.... that's the point in a game like this where weapons and gear matter... CHOICES...

what's the point of playing if everyone is using the same stuff. it gets redundant and no one can have a unique experience with the game because everyone is playing it the exact same way.

I'm sorry you can't comprehend what I'm talking about...

I've played 100's of Hours worth of Destiny... so if you still want to think I'm talking out of my ass go ahead I don't care you're out of bubbles.

jmac531147d ago

How much money, time and resources do you think it cost to re record every spoken line for the ghost. I agree, that time and money could have been spent creating more immersive levels or story.

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