Quantum Break teleports into action with new trailer and images

Alongside the trailer Microsoft released a lot of new images for both the Quantum Break TV series and game.

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ZombieDreddZA1140d ago

Looking forward to trying the game, but concerned it may be a case of style over substance at the moment.

KionicWarlord2221140d ago

You'll just have to imagine the fire...

Lol all bane jokes aside this games looking sweet.

Epicor1140d ago

This is the system seller Microsoft needs!

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HanCilliers1140d ago

I think it could be. Also very curious to see how the TV series & game ties in.

Epicor1140d ago

@poppins: excellent idea! QB bundled with AW would certainly be a killer deal. Many sony fanboys (like myself) missed Alan Wake last gen due to ms exclusivity.

poppinslops1140d ago

Yeah, that's what I was thinking... sometimes that extra goodie can be the difference between a Day 1 or a 2nd hand purchase.

I couldn't have cared less about the Gears remaster - at least not until I heard it came with all of the 360 GoW games, at which point I actually thought about buying it... I won't (I don't like the character design, although the Gears 4 crew seem okay), but I reckon plenty will.

Sony have done a great job of getting the best of their PS3 lineup to PS4 owners who didn't have one... I wouldn't be suprised if MS takes this backwards-compatible bonus approach (Crackdown and Rise of the Tomb Raider seem like logical choices) as a means of luring a few non-360 owners to the dark-green side of the force.

ABizzel11140d ago


Halo, Gears, Forza are system sellers as well, but they sell to the same audience every year. This is the kind of game they need to get gamers on other consoles to buy an XBO.

I already have one, but if I didn't 2016 would be my year to buy an XBO thanks to Quantum Break, and hopefully Scalebound, plus I'd go back and buy some older gamers as well (old by then at least: Forza 6, Gears Ultimate Edition, Sunset Overdrive, and a couple more).

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Hazmat131140d ago

i like how everybody made fun of The Order how it never released and this game isn't even out yet!? wasn't this teased back with xbox One was annouced?

poppinslops1140d ago

That's not why everyone made fun of The Order... perhaps if RaD had taken more time they could have had boss battles that weren't exactly the same?

Quantum Break, Halo 5 and Below were all announced alongside the Xbox One and they'll be released when they're good and ready.

HanCilliers1140d ago

So not the same situation.

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