Massive Neverwinter Update for Xbox One Brings Four Different Expansions

Who needs one measly expansion when you can have four? Perfect World and Cryptic are dropping four full expansions for Neverwinter for players on the Xbox One. Already the biggest free-to-play on the console this can only bring in even more players.

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Cdn_Seahawks_Fan1077d ago

Wow, more content for this game. Good support for this F2P Title. I wonder what kind of life span it will have left when all the big holiday games come out this fall.

joab7771077d ago

Well, on console, or Xbone, it's only competition right now is Elder Scrolls online (which is amazing), and maybe a few free to play games.

And the beauty of mmo's are that you can play them all yr while playing other games.

NeoGamer2321077d ago

Neverwinter just keeps giving!

FlexLuger1077d ago

tell me about it! And I keep spending! I have 5 mounts and 8 companions. I stopped buying dyes when I learned how to make them. The Tiamat expantions eating up my gaming time as it is. And now this lot? jeez!

lemoncake1077d ago

Did they fix end game dungeons exploit yet? Where everyone was kicking at end of dungeons so they could run away with the loot for themselves?

joab7771077d ago

Does it suck ya dry like DCUO on PS4? Try ESO, it's amazing and ya really don't have to spend much at all past the initial investment.

FlexLuger1077d ago (Edited 1077d ago )


Nah. still lots of boot and loot pricks running around. I mostly play with my freinds anyway. I never do dungeons with randoms.

"Does it suck ya dry like DCUO on PS4?"

I have spent about £120 on it so far. roughly just over $200 USD. Never spent a peny on DCU on PC. Havent played it on PS4.

"Try ESO, it's amazing and ya really don't have to spend much at all past the initial investment."

Oh, its on the list :). I got too many games at the moment and im loving neverwinter.

Edit:@lemoncake If you are short of friends to go dungeon raiding with inbox me. I got loads of neverwinter buddies who will help you out. Myself included.

lemoncake1077d ago

Thx for update flex, hope it gets fixed with these expansions cause I really liked this game.

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Xbonewone320151077d ago

This game is great.

Easily the best f2p game on next gen consoles so far.