Hands-on Assassins Creed Syndicate Preview – Now that’s a Game (UpItHQ)

After being skeptical about a more modern setting, our hands-on Assassins Creed Syndicate preview proved the series was headed in the right direction. A new year marks a new upcoming release of Assassins Creed. This series is one of the most beloved games of this generation. There has always been this cool feeling lingering behind the cape of every assassin in this series. This year marked a new turn for Assassins Creed with Assassins Creed Syndicate. The new turn came in the announcement of a much more modern time period in which the game was to take place.

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DirtyPete1024d ago

I think this game looks pretty good. I love assassins creed but didn't like the direction of III or unity. This one looks okay so far. If its any bit as cool as black flag id play it.

KimikoGaming1024d ago

Black Flag was sooooo good. Maybe not a great assassin game, but a fantastic pirate game.

I just hope Syndicate isn't as disappointing as Unity or 3... Both of those games left a bad taste in my mouth.

DirtyPete1023d ago

I'm with you there. I really liked the time period of black flag. the pirate thing had me sold. Unity and 3 just didn't click for me. Love assassins creed still just hopping for the best here :)

aLucidMind1023d ago

I remember an interview where they said that they think one of the things they went wrong in terms of story is how they mainly focused on war-time events when AC2, which even they say was their best story, was during a time of peace. So they seem to be wanting to make Syndicate their next AC2.

lemoncake1023d ago

Syndicate overall just doesn't look that interesting especially considering everything else coming out at same time.

Maybe I will be able to pick this one up 2 months after launch for £12 like I did with unity.

Saijahn1023d ago

Syndicate sucked me in with their gangs of New York type of feel. If gangs play a huge role in the core of the game I'm sold. Jacob already is a better character than the guy from unity.

I was super disappointed they didn't take this game to Asia but I like what I've seen so far so much as to already have preordered it.

TeamLeaptrade1023d ago

Looks pretty good to me. I hope it's a lot like AC2, which is one of my favorite games ever.