Rise of the Tomb Raider is the Most Metal Gear We've Seen Lara Croft

GameSpot writes: "This is the most Metal Gear we've ever seen Lara Croft.

Our heroine wades through a stream in the middle of the jungle, quickly ducking beneath the surface as enemy voices drift between the jungle trees. She swims to the edge of the water, coming up to tread just along the edge of a wooden dock. An enemy soldier, rifle in hand, stands with his back to the stream--a dangerous mistake"

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littlezizu1106d ago

More like Last of Us than metal gear.

Insomnia_841106d ago

That's the first thing that came to my mind after a couple of minutes into the video.

littlezizu1106d ago

Even E3 trailer had similar vibe as it reminded me of Ellie in the winter section last of us. Now it's clear why CD partnered(money in bank) with MS for holiday exclusivity, they knew PS fans will have deja vu.

miyamoto1104d ago

Tomb Raider reboot was delayed because of The Last of Us which started production in 2010.

Uncharted 4 development started around 2012.

Its very obvious Naughty Dog had something to do with how TR went throughany revisions.

christocolus1106d ago

Looks really good.I think CD have done an amazing job.

Thatguy-3101106d ago

The IP seems like it's having an identity crisis. Needs to go back to its roots and work around that.

christocolus1106d ago

Lol. I don't now about that, I enjoyed the reboot and i think i like what I've seen so far.

Bzone241106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

The reboot was awesome. Having played the reboot recently is what made me want to buy Rise of the TR. Seeing more of it today convinced me even more to buy it day one.

Rookie_Monster1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Looks great to me. Don't know what you are talking about. It is like complaining about Assassin's Creed trying to reinvent itself and try something new rather than the same old gameplay formula it has been using since game one 10 years ago. That is an example of how you shouldn't stick with something that is past due as that series is becoming stale.

Fresh idea and rebooting the franchise to different itself from its past is what made the last Tomb Raider so good and beloved and this is just an expansion of it.

iliimaster1106d ago

have u played the previous installments? from that comment you haven't.

bananaboats1106d ago

It knows exactly what it is. There's plenty of tomb raiding to be had, the gameplay just showed a different perspective on game style. CD is doing an amazing job with this series.

badz1491106d ago

Maybe I'm in the minority here but I love TR of old and prefer it over the reboot. Anniversary, Legend and Underworld was awesome to me but ultimately they didn't sell well and I think the reason was franchise fatique.

I played the reboot I got from PS+ and didn't like it. This looks like the series is losing its identity more and more. Looks good but this is no longer TR. I thunk Lara killed more people in one game more than the whole franchise altogether before the reboot. She's no longer an archelogist or anything, just a commando!

ABizzel11106d ago

As much as I liked Tomb Raider, I have to agree this is Crystal trying it's best to pull a Naughty Dog, which IMO isn't a bad thing at all considering Uncharted and TLoU were the 2 most critically awarded games of last gen.

That being said, it should have been a New IP, because this isn't Tomb Raider at all. It's TLoU with mercs / pirates, with some Tombs to Explore.

Should be a great game and I'll pick it up on XBO, but this is not the Lara I remember from the previous what 7 / 8 games.

LCEvans1106d ago

Personally I think the game looked amazing and its day 1 for me, everyone has an opinion and that is mine.

freshslicepizza1106d ago

people tend to forget that lara always had guns. what they don't show much in this new entry is the actual tombs and puzzles but they are indeed in there.

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StrayaKNT1106d ago

ROTR looks amazing day one buy for me :)

Bolts1106d ago

Not going to lie. This game looks amazing. Sucks that I'll have to wait for the PC version...but then at least it'll be the best version.

Ozmoses1106d ago (Edited 1106d ago )

Somebody should bring back Dino Crisis since Tomb Raider has made its splash in the gaming community again..

I think a bunch of those game reimagined on the newer tech would be an 80's-90's kids dream.

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